The Perks of Cloak Fashion, or My Week Swaddled in a Blue Cloak

We all spend our quarantine in different ways. Some of us have decided to take up knitting. Some of us have created workout schedules. Some of us, and by some of us I mean me, decided to spend a week wearing their most lustrous cloak.

Robe-wear is a staple for proper wizarding fashion. As a young Hogwarts student, you become quite accustomed to the elegant whoosh of fabric skimming stone floors. It becomes second nature to wake up in the morning and rip off your bathrobe, only to replace it with a slightly nicer bathrobe. However, after a full year out of Hogwarts spent cooped up in my home, I have forgotten the glory of the simple cloak.

Before I continue, I should add that even though there is a distinction between the simple robe and the cloak, I will be using these words interchangeably as wizard fashion uses both.

Here are the perks of Hogwarts fashion.




Dramatic Swooshing



A trip to the kitchen for toast? A bathroom break? Leaping from furniture and landing hard on a wooden floor? If you are wearing a cloak, each of these actions is paramount to racing into battle or forging your way to the ancient tower in search of gold. The swishing of a cloak billowing behind you makes every movement an adventure. What better way to get those Fitbit steps up?


Built-In Snuggie



TV days have never been better than when you’re swaddled in a built-in Snuggie. Just flip that bad boy around, and you have a blanket with arms. Also, crumbs won’t get caught in your bed; they’re gone the moment you stand up. Harry Potter marathons have just become even more magical.


No Towel, No Problem



Even the wisest wizard forgets their towel every once in a while when showering. Lucky for them that they have a cloak in the room. Viola!


More Outside Trips



The wind is never more exciting than when wrapped in a cloak. I have nothing more to say on the subject.


The Purpose of Imagination



The Mother of Dragons has entered the building. So has an ancient philosopher and a trained medieval assassin. Of course, wearing a cloak will give you wonderful Hogwarts flashbacks, like the smell of the Quidditch pitch and the sound of the Sorting Hat’s start-of-term song. What you may not suspect is it will also invoke a range of other storylines that exist only in your mind.


Dignity Be Gone



Trust me when I say you will be tempted to venture out into public (fully masked, of course) in your robe. As an expert, I advise you to do it. Do it twice. The rush is unmatchable. You may find yourself holding back sentences like “Rejoice, for You-Know-Who has gone at last! Even Muggles like yourself should be celebrating, this happy, happy day!” (SS 5).


Be Prepared to Dabble in Choreography



As stated earlier, the whooshing of a cloak is addicting. You will undoubtedly create many choreographed dances while wearing your Hogwarts attire. I have many of my favorite sequences saved on my Muggle phone.


Keep the Electricity Bill Down



Even though the sun has finally begun to peak through the gloomy cloud coverage of winter, sweater weather is not over. In theory, the main purpose of a cloak is warmth. While one might imagine cloaks to be the best friend of countryside travelers or quest conquerors, they are also delightful for airy houses and chilly bedrooms. Yes, a jacket would also work, but is it really worth it when compared to the glamour of a robe?


A Beautiful Boost of Confidence



It is quite a treat to look in the mirror when wearing a robe. It does not matter how long ago you showered or if your hair is brushed. All eyes immediately go to the cloak – as they most definitely should.


A Great Desire to Rekindle Your Roots



As with a good deal of my life, the main purpose of this entire expedition was to get as close as possible to the wizarding world. With a fire crackling in the fireplace while snuggled up on the couch or armchair, there is nothing better than reading a book. Of course, while draped in a cloak, the best choice is Harry Potter. There is nothing as rewarding or joyful as leaping headfirst and wholeheartedly back into the world that started it all.


These are the most notable perks of adding cloaks to your everyday outfit. I encourage every one of you to spend even just a day parading around the house in your favorite robe. Above all, it will keep the magic alive.


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