Cute Wizarding World Toy Collection from Spin Master Coming This Fall

An adorable new line of Wizarding World dolls and playsets has been revealed by Spin Master, a Canadian toy and entertainment company.

Harry, Hermione, Luna, and Cho are included in a collection of 8″ tall character dolls. Each has five points of articulation and comes in their Hogwarts school uniform and carrying their wand. These dolls are priced at $9.99 each.

Or you can get the Deluxe Brilliant Hermione Doll, seen below, for $19.99. This Hermione comes dressed in her outfit from her and Harry’s time-traveling adventures in the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban film, complete with her Time-Turner. She also comes with an additional outfit, a cauldron, and a potion bottle to provide even more playtime fun.


Hermione doll in "Prisoner of Azkaban" outfit with wand and Crookshanks


This incredible Hedwig plush practically comes alive! She can recognize and respond to her owner’s voice and has a special “ruffle detection” feature to distinguish the direction she’s being petted in. She can also flap her wings, open her beak, and turn her head a whole 270 degrees. Hedwig comes with a perch and classic Hogwarts letter, which can be opened only with a secret combination of interactions. With these cool features, she seems well worth the price, at $39.99.


Hedwig plush toy on perch with wand and Hogwarts letter


If LEGO’s massive Hogwarts Castle is a bit much for your needs, this 2′ high Hogwarts playset may be more your style. Priced at $59.99, it has interactive light and sound effects and comes with 12 accessories, including a 3″ mini Hermione doll. Additional classroom playsets will be sold separately.

And if mini Hermione seems a bit lonely studying at Hogwarts by herself, you can purchase more of these Magical Minis separately. It looks like Harry, Ron, Ginny, Luna, Cho, Dumbledore, Hagrid, and Snape will all be available, as well as mini versions of their beloved pets, Hedwig, Scabbers, Crookshanks, and Fang.


Hogwarts Castle playset populated by mini character figures


The toys are slated for release this fall, and they seem like great gifts for young Harry Potter enthusiasts. We hope that additional dolls representing more of our favorite characters will follow.


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