UPDATED: LEGO “Harry Potter” Takes Flight with Fawkes, Dumbledore’s Phoenix Model

It seems that LEGO has cast the Engorgement Charm on its Harry Potter collection. After the announcement of so many new sets for the 20th anniversary last month, the collection continues to grow. There’s now a new item up for preorder, and it’s at the top of our must-have list. LEGO Harry Potter has officially revealed Fawkes, Dumbledore’s Phoenix, and this collectible looks spectacular.



LEGO “Harry Potter” Fawkes, Dumbledore’s Phoenix with minifigures


This realistic model of the memorable phoenix from so many of the Harry Potter films features realistic “flying” wings. With this 597-piece set, you can re-create Fawkes showcasing his fiery feathers, powerful beak, and graceful flight. The features include jointed wings that move by turning the handle at the rear to realistically flap up and down, with no batteries required.


LEGO Harry Potter

LEGO “Harry Potter” Dumbledore and Fawkes minifigures


The full wingspan is over 14″ wide! The collectible model stands on a sturdy base and is accompanied by an Albus Dumbledore LEGO minifigure and a smaller figure of Fawkes. The beak-to-tail measurement of this collectible is over 9.5″. It would make the perfect display for your collection.

UPDATE (June 10):

LEGO YouTuber Bricksie recently shared a detailed look of Fawkes, and watching the wings in motion is pretty magical. He also gives us a closer look at the Dumbledore and smaller Fawkes minifigures included in the set. Check it out!



You can preorder yours today for $39.99. Orders will begin shipping on June 1. Due to limited quantities, there is a limit of two. We can’t wait to see the completed builds of Fawkes from fans. Will you be preordering yours today?


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