Potter DIY: Hand-Painted Shoes

by Aadhya

Do you want to show off your Harry Potter fan love and your creativity wherever you go, but don’t want to spend money on new merchandise? Or do you maybe have a pair of old shoes that you’re looking to spice up? Then try making your own hand-painted Harry Potter shoes!


What You’ll Need:



Step 1: Draw an outline of the figures you want to make on the side of the shoes. I did Harry Potter on one side and cats with Hogwarts’ scarves on the other.


This is a DIY of hand-painted shoes.



Step 2: Use the tape and cover the area where you do not want the paint to be. In my case, that’s the part at the bottom where the canvas ends and the sole begins. 

Step 3: On one shoe, paint cats with their House scarves, and on the other, Harry Potter. Remember to paint the back area navy blue. 


This is a DIY of hand-painted shoes.


Step 4: Outline all the work with a fine liner.


This is a DIY of hand-painted shoes.


Step 5: On the straps of the shoes, write ”After all this time?” on one shoe, and on the other, ”Always.” Let it dry.


This is a DIY of hand-painted shoes.


Step 6: Use your varnish and preserve your shoes for a day or two. Then enjoy the pleasure of removing the tape.


This is a DIY of hand-painted shoes.


Now you have your final product! Enjoy wearing them around and getting compliments wherever you go.


This is a DIY for hand-painted "Harry Potter" shoes.


To see the shoes from all angles, check out this video:




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