Sorting “The Mandalorian” Characters into Hogwarts Houses

May the Fourth be with you! Now that season two of The Mandalorian has concluded on Disney+, I couldn’t help mentally Sorting all the characters into their Hogwarts Houses. While it was impossible to Sort all the many minor characters, here are some of the fan favorites.




1. Din Djarin a.k.a. Mando – Gryffindor

The main character of this show is very mysterious and keeps his emotions close to his chest. However, after taking charge of a little green space alien, his father mode was activated. Din Djarin is revealed to be not only the brave warrior we originally thought but also incredibly loyal and a man of honor. All of these same character traits can be applied to Godric Gryffindor, so it makes total sense that Din belongs in Gryffindor House.




2. Baby Yoda a.k.a. Grogu – Ravenclaw

The stereotype is that all Ravenclaws are book smart, and while sometimes this is true, Ravenclaws can also possess emotional intelligence and spiritual intellect. Grogu reminds me a lot of Luna, who seems to possess hidden wisdom about the world around her. Grogu, though seemingly young, has a strong spiritual connection with the Force. Also, before he met Din, Grogu was mostly existing on his own, which adds to his independent and curious nature. Ravenclaws are known for being wise and independent, just like Grogu.




3. Cara Dune – Slytherin

Cara Dune is one of Din and Grogu’s most trusted allies and friends. She is a former trooper for the Rebel Alliance, and she is trying to find her way in the world when she meets the Mandalorian and his small charge. Cara possesses all the positive traits of a Slytherin: She’s a strong leader, a survivor, and resourceful. Cara has done a successful job protecting herself over the years, but she learns more about loyalty once she establishes a friendship with Din.




4. Moff Gideon – Slytherin

Now for a Slytherin with no honor code. Moff Gideon is the show’s resident bad guy. He’s completely self-serving, wanting only to rule over everyone. He possesses the signature Slytherin confidence in leadership, but his ambitions lead him to make selfish choices. In season two, we get scenes with Moff Gideon, who reveals his impressive knowledge of the Jedi and Mandalorians. To steal power as he has, one would have to possess extraordinary cunning and a thirst for power.




5. Greef Karga – Hufflepuff

The reason I think there are so few Hufflepuffs in this show is that most of the characters are warriors and just out for their survival. However, Greef Karga is pretty special. Like Cara Dune, he is one of Din and Grogu’s most valued allies. While Greef Karga does know his way around a blaster, in the show’s second season, we see him more focused on creating a peaceful town. Like most Hufflepuffs, Greef Karga is a hard worker and loyal to his allies. Also, Hufflepuffs have a strong sense of justice, something Greef Karga believes is essential in creating a safe town.




6. Boba Fett – Slytherin

While the iconic Boba Fett has only appeared in a few episodes of The Mandalorian season two, he has instantly become a fan favorite. Boba Fett’s history is a little rocky since he has experienced so much death and destruction since he was a small boy. However, Boba Fett’s sole purpose is to survive. This is what makes him such a perfect Slytherin – Boba Fett has the strongest will to live out of everyone else in the show! What makes Boba Fett more of an antihero instead of a villain is that he sticks to an honor code and instead uses his cunning and vast knowledge of the world to live as long as he can.




7. Ahsoka Tano – Gryffindor

Similar to Boba Fett, Ahsoka Tano has only been on The Mandalorian for a couple of episodes, sometimes only mentioned. However, her presence becomes essential to Din learning more about Grogu’s past and possible future. With her strong sense of duty, loyalty to her fellow Jedi, and strong moral code, Ahsoka is the ideal Gryffindor. One of the first things we learn about her is that she is fearless, one of the main personality traits of a Gryffindor. Although she’s not a champion wand dueler, she wields those lightsabers just as well!




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