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As a big Hermione fan, if you hand me a box and say it’s full of Hermione-themed merch, be prepared for a squeal of excitement. That’s why I was thrilled to be unboxing the first in a series of character-themed subscription boxes from Accio!Box.

Each box from Accio!Box includes handcrafted artisan items curated with adult Harry Potter fans in mind. The Hermione box is the first in a six-box series celebrating Harry and his closest friends. Our readers can get their hands on these boxes with a special discount code.

Use the code MuggleNet50 at AccioBox.com to get 50% off your first box!

Now, let’s take a look inside.



Hermione’s Bluebell Flames Drinking Jar


Hermione’s Bluebell Flame Jar Drinking Tumbler


Valued at $12, this tumbler is in the shape of a mason jar with a lid and straw. The plastic drinkware features a blue flame design, inspired by the fire Hermione conjures to keep herself and Ron warm during a Quidditch match in their first year. The bluebell flames charm is the same spell Hermione uses to set Snape’s robes on fire when she believes he is jinxing Harry’s broomstick in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.


Essence of Dittany Oil Roller


Essence of Dittany


Inspired by the magical herb Hermione uses to heal Ron’s arm after he Splinches himself in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, this oil roller smells like lavender! Accio!Box also comes with an assurance that all items are vegan and cruelty-free, so you can use this oil roller with confidence that it was made on the up-and-up. The concoction is made with essential oils and even has real amethyst crystals floating in the bottom of the bottle. This item is valued at $8.


Numerology and Grammatica Notebook


“Numerology and Grammatica” Notebook


This faux-leather notebook is a beautiful shade of blue and so soft! Numerology and Grammatica is the title of Hermione’s arithmancy textbook in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This lined journal is an Accio! exclusive and is valued at $10. Again, with the suede-feeling cover on this journal, it’s worth noting, in line with Accio!’s commitment, this item is also vegan and cruelty-free.


Hermione’s Wand Bookmark


Hermione’s Wand Bookmark in an open book


This is possibly my favorite item in this box. This beautiful bookmark is made from faux leather and embroidered with the likeness of Hermione’s wand, complete with the vine details and a tassel. The bookmark is valued at $8.


The Animal Protector Series Pin


The Animal Protector Series Pin


Each box in the Harry and his friends series comes with an Accio! exclusive Animal Protector Pin. Valued at $18, each pin features the character’s Patronus or animal protector. Hermione’s otter Patronus is situated on a stained glass background. The pin is in a wedge shape that will fit together with the rest of the collection to form a complete circle. Accio! will eventually be selling a display to place all six pieces on. While Accio! sometimes resells individual items or whole boxes on their website for fans who missed that subscription, the final pin to complete this collection will only be available in the final box of the series. It will not be posted for resale, so the only way to complete this pin collection is to subscribe to the boxes. Again, you can use our code, MuggleNet50, to get 50% off your first box with a six-month subscription.


Hermione Watercolor Print


Hermione Watercolor Print


Who doesn’t love artwork? This watercolor of Hermione is so darn cute! I love that she’s proudly wearing her SPEW badge and knitting a sock to free the house-elves. The bright colors used will add a nice pop to my office wall. The artwork is by Willow and Roxas, and the print is valued at $12.

Overall, I was very impressed with the number of items in this box, and I love the way they were tied into the series. Oftentimes, subscription boxes go a generic route and slap a character’s face on random merchandise. I appreciated that Accio! took the time to curate items with connections to the character and series that were less obvious but absolutely make sense if you’ve read the books.

The six items in the Hermione box have a total value of $68. With a six-month subscription to Accio!, each box costs $34. By using our code, MuggleNet50, for 50% off the first box in a six-month subscription, that first box will only cost $17.

If you liked what you saw in this article and are jumping into a subscription now, you won’t receive the Hermione box, but you will receive the next one in the series. A limited quantity of the Hermione box will be available for sale on Accio!Box’s website for those who missed it.


A Hermione box was provided by Accio!Box. All opinions belong to the reviewer. Discount valid with a 6-month subscription.


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