Wizovision 2021: Denmark’s “Dementors Down”


Marijke van der Meer here, reporting on our first Wizovision finalists, the great Danes of Copenhags. This group is serious about their music. While their song “Dementors Down” has a dark, dramatic Viking aesthetic, their message is one of hope and light. Lead singer Gerda Gundersen told me more:

This is a song about the darkness both inside of us and in the world around us and how we can confront it. We must not give in to the challenges we face or our own self-doubt – we must fight! Dig deep into ourselves and find courage and strength from within. We believe in ourselves, we believe in each other, and we believe in all of you out there listening. Whether we win or not, we’re proud to represent Denmark and to share our music and message with the rest of the European wizarding community. We hope our music serves as a Patronus for all who hear it, bringing joy into their lives and pushing away sadness and fear.

“Dementors Down” certainly seems to be doing just that and is favored by many as a frontrunner for this year’s crown. Copenhags’s powerful vocals combined with their imposing stage presence make for a memorable effect. The group promises to really pull out all the stops for their performance at the Grand Final.

As previously mentioned, the British wizarding author Gilderoy Lockhart has been intruding on Wizovision in an attempt to steal the spotlight. He managed to find his way into our interview. “You’re a serious-looking bunch, aren’t you?” he addressed Copenhags. “Such dark colors. You could do with livening things up. And there’s no point hiding your pearly whites with those surly expressions. Flash the audience a smile – they’ll love it!” Lockhart’s wish came true when Copenhags burst into laughter as he was removed from the premises.

Best of luck to Denmark in the upcoming Grand Final. Stay tuned for previews of the other finalists’ songs.


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