Introducing Wizovision 2021: The Wizarding Song Contest

Welcome to Wizovision: The Wizarding Song Contest. Like its Muggle counterpart, Eurovision, Wizovision is an annual musical event in which European countries compete for glory with the most entertaining, uplifting, inspiring, catchy songs, performed in the most elaborate, dazzling ways. In addition to danceable tunes, poetic lyrics, and stunning vocals, expect special effects produced by complex spellwork, death-defying stunts, and a veritable menagerie of magical creatures. Also, expect the unexpected. Wizovision is always full of jaw-dropping surprises, from the incredible to the bizarre. These acts can often make the Weird Sisters look like the Perfectly Normal Sisters in comparison.



Since the Netherlands won last year’s competition, the 2021 Grand Final will be taking place here in Rotterdam. I’m your host, Marijke van der Meer. Your finalists are Denmark, France, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. This week, we will be releasing their music videos one day at a time, as well as exclusive commentary, interviews with the artists, and behind-the-scenes tidbits. The final will take place on May 22 when each country’s juries’ votes will be combined with the public’s to crown the winner. Voters will consider three main aspects: the song itself (tune and lyrics), the performance (vocals, emotion, and choreography), and the staging (set, costumes, and effects).

There has already been quite a bit of excitement and more than a few mishaps leading up to this event. The acts try to go bigger every year – with both impressive and disastrous results. Australia, invited to participate despite not being in Europe due to its extreme enthusiasm for Wizovision, unleashed a swarm of Billywigs for dramatic effect, resulting in several band members being stung and unable to finish their performance through fits of hysterical laughing. Clearing the stage caused a delay while the levitating, giggling musicians were pulled back down to the floor. Austria’s “The Lonely Graphorn” proved a little too traditional with its yodeling and lacked the modern twist audiences crave.

There have also been multiple interruptions by Gilderoy Lockhart, Order of Merlin, Third Class, honorary member of the Dark Force Defense League, and five-time winner of Witch Weekly‘s Most-Charming-Smile Award. A British author who enjoyed a brief period of extreme popularity in the 1990s for his dashing good looks and impressive magical feats detailed in his books, he lost his memories to a backfiring Memory Charm in 1993. Although he has not fully regained his memory, he remains confident of his celebrity status and determined to perform at Wizovision despite not being selected as his country’s entry. UK jurists insist that he never even sang in front of them; he has simply been showing up at qualifying events in admittedly fabulous outfits, smiling, waving, and handing out signed photographs.

Lockhart has made the trip to Rotterdam to continue this behavior and has repeatedly managed to make his way past security and into dressing rooms, interviews, backstage, and even onstage. “He’s just so charming – it’s hard to say no to the guy when he flashes that smile,” says one member of security staff who was dismissed for allowing Lockhart into a restricted area. “I just assumed he was a performer because he appeared to be in costume. People don’t just walk around in sequined robes very often,” said another. Audiences have been asked to keep an eye out for Mr. Lockhart and report him to security if sighted.

We have some brilliant – and baffling – acts coming your way, so this year’s contest is sure to be a hoot and full of musical magic.


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