Wizovision 2021: Sweden’s “Powderfloo”


Greetings from Rotterdam – Marijke van der Meer here with Sweden’s finalists in this year’s Wizovision, the Short-Snouts. Their song “Powderfloo” is a romantic pop tune that’s sure to become a hit at weddings. The title, of course, is a reference to the substance commonly known as Floo Powder in the Anglophone world, but the Swedish take on the term has its own charm. Short-Snouts songwriter Astrid Åkerström told me about the sweet love story that inspired the song:

‘Powderfloo’ has a symbolic meaning about wanting to be close to the person you love, but it’s also quite literal for me. I’m married to a Muggle, and our relationship was long-distance for a time. The prospect of living far away from each other was daunting for her, but she was so impressed by magical forms of transportation and how much easier they made a long-distance relationship. I could be at her place in the blink of an eye. I wrote this song for her. I hope lots of people use it to express their love.

I expect that audiences will make the same “awwwww” that came out of my mouth upon hearing this delightful anecdote. In case this number wasn’t already endearing enough with its lighthearted tune and cute lyrics, the inspiration makes it that much more lovable. The Short-Snouts bring color and life to their performance. They’re simply effervescent, and even the most serious people must find themselves tapping their feet, humming, and feeling their spirits lift just a little when they hear “Powderfloo.”

Speaking of color, Gilderoy Lockhart has been a nuisance throughout Wizovision, and my interview with the Short-Snouts was not spared. He was once again clothed in his signature bright robes, this time a blinding canary yellow. “Your song is about Floo Powder, is it? About the magic of travel? I know a lot about travel – I’ve been all over the world!” he exclaimed. “I don’t recall exactly where, but you can read my books to find out all the places I’ve gone. Oh, how about this for Floo Powder for your performance?” He proceeded to pull a handful of glitter out of his pocket and throw it in the air, covering the Short-Snouts and myself. Even after a thorough cleaning, I’m still discovering bits of it in my hair hours later.

With or without glitter, the Short-Snouts are sure to shine in the Grand Final.


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