Check Out This Magical Apartment in El Paso, Texas

Do you remember when we told you about an enchanting Harry Potter-themed Airbnb in El Paso, Texas? We’ve already mentioned the plans for a patio, the two queen-size beds, and the fully equipped kitchen, but now we have more details about the magical elements of the apartment.

The first and hardest to miss of the Potter-themed decorations is the giant wall decal of Harry in one of the bedrooms. It shows him racing to catch the Snitch in an iconic dive. You can also spot the familiar face of Hedwig perched in a corner of the apartment, use the Sorting Hat to discover your House, and read up on the latest stories in the Daily Prophet!


The hallway at the "Harry Potter"-themed Airbnb in El Paso, TX.

Clippings of the “Daily Prophet” cover the walls of the hallway.


Not only are there little Potter trinkets everywhere, but the rest of the apartment’s decor is also all Potter-themed. The walls in the living room are covered with faux library wallpaper, helping witches and wizards feel like they’ve just arrived at their dormitories, and the floating candles in the apartment are bound to help you feel welcome. If you missed your Hogwarts letter, there’s more to be found hanging in the apartment’s hallway and piles of suitcases ready for your journey. There’s even an antique fireplace, so keep an eye out for any faces hidden in the embers!

Any perceptive guests will be able to spot all sorts of other trinkets scattered throughout the apartment. There are portraits of some familiar faces hanging on the walls with quotes and references printed on posters hung next to them, as well as Hogwarts robes ready for anyone who wants to try them on. If you want to show some House pride, there are banners and scarves for every House to be found within the apartment!



Are you hoping to travel and stay in a Harry Potter-themed Airbnb this year? Do you want to visit this one?


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