Ever Wondered How Dumbledore’s Earnings Compare to Other Characters’? Now You Can Find Out

With his lavish robes and classy suits, we all presumed that Albus Dumbledore had money, but have you ever wondered how his earnings at the box office compare to those of superheroes and spies? There’s now a list to tell you exactly that!

The list, compiled by FandomSpot, shows the top ten highest-grossing movie characters based on the films they are featured in. There are two Wizarding World characters on the list. Harry takes eighth place with an overall box office gross of $7,725,498,927, but Dumbledore comes out as the most powerful wizard, reaching seventh on the list. He’s the highest of the three non-MCU characters on the list, grossing an average of $931,028,314 per movie. Overall, Dumbledore’s cinematic appearances have earned an amazing total of $8,379,254,828 at the box office!



All seven spots above Dumbledore are taken by MCU characters, including Thor and Hulk/Bruce Banner (who have actually appeared in fewer movies than Dumbledore despite grossing more than him). The champion of the list is the sharp-shooting Director of SHIELD Nick Fury, who has grossed over $12.6bn combined over the 11 films he’s appeared in and has an average box office gross of $1,147,625,455 per movie. Other MCU characters on the list include Iron Man/Tony Stark, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Captain America/Steve Rogers, and Black Panther/T’Challa. The only character on the list that isn’t either a wizard or a superhero is the iconic spy James Bond, who just scrapes his spot in tenth. You can see the entire list below, and if you’re interested in the information that was used during its creation, there’s a spreadsheet detailing it all!


The top tne highest grossing characters of all time


Now that you’ve seen the top ten highest-grossing film characters ever, what are your thoughts on it? Were you surprised by any of the entries? Let us know!


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