Hallow & Crux, a “Harry Potter”-Inspired Inn, Is Now Open for Muggles

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve dreamed of walking through the halls of Hogwarts or curling up in a squashy armchair by the fire in the Gryffindor common room. It seems we aren’t the only ones who want to experience the magic of the wizarding world in this way. There have been countless Airbnbs and other majestic stays throughout the years, and it’s time to add another inn to the list. Hallow & Crux, a Harry Potter-inspired inn in the United Kingdom, is ready to cast a spell on all guests who enter.



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Last month, we shared a first look at this experience, and now, it’s ready for guests. Hallow & Crux has opened its doors to witches, wizards, and Muggles alike in the town of Alnwick, England. This town is famously known for being one of the homes of Hogwarts. Alnwick Castle was used for some of the most iconic scenes in the first two Harry Potter films – giving us another reason to make a visit to this town. You can see the castle from the inn!


Alnwick Castle

Alnwick Castle is in view of Hallow & Crux.


Hallow & Crux is set inside the former Oscars Bar, which permanently closed in 2013. Complete with four magical rooms where you can live out your Hogwarts dream, each space is complete with a unique connection to the various Hogwarts Houses and other signature staples in the wizarding world.


Bathroom in Hallow and Crux

Magical bathroom in one of the rooms at Hallow & Crux


This whimsical project was taken on by a local landlord, Mark Jones, who also runs a famous restaurant next door to the inn called the Dirty Bottles. He insists the project would not have been possible without a grant from the Rural Development Programme for England. After the lengthy process of testing, providing proof of creating employment, and proving beneficial for tourism, this grant gave massive help in terms of building and getting the project up and running.


Rooms in Hallow and Crux

Quick glance at the four rooms at Hallow & Crux


It’s time to pack your trunks! Seeing places like this really makes us wish we could Apparate to the closest magical location. You can book your stay at Hallow & Crux on the official site. Check out some of the local haunts to get a special potion or two and have a feast fit for a headmaster. Which of these rooms is your favorite? The Dumbledorm seems like a good pick.


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