Hypothetical IQA World Cup Being Played on Facebook

Three years ago, the most recent IQA World Cup was held in Florence, Italy, by the International Quidditch Association, before the IQA World Cup was canceled in 2020. On the anniversary of the event, June 26, a new online version of the IQA World Cup started.

It’s not an official event organized by any Muggle quidditch organizations or national governing bodies (NGBs). It was created by Keit Jons, who started this in the Facebook group called Quidditch: ALL The Regions!!

Let[‘]s have [a] fun, informal vote to see which team would win the next World Cup! Each round, vote who do you think would win in a single elimination match! All the 42 teams have been randomly placed! For each round, the team with the most votes wins and goes to the next round!

First, he posted a video with an explanation and with the seeding of teams. All teams from NGBs were placed at random. Even the new teams from England, Scotland, and Wales were included. That means there are 41 teams in the seedings. There were 42 teams at first, but Jons realized his mistake that there isn’t a team from Northern Ireland and corrected it.



The rules are simple. There are always two teams in the round, one match. People have to decide who would win the hypothetical World Cup match. Anyone can vote in the group by giving a reaction to a photo. Mostly, there are around 40 people voting. One round lasts 24 hours, and according to this, the finale should be played on August 5.


A bracket showing the teams in the hypothetical IQA World Cup is pictured. The first round, between Korea and Wales, is circled in yellow.


Currently, voting is in its seventh round. Chile, Korea, Spain, and Uganda already lost their hypothetical matches and are out. Austria, Canada, Italy, and Wales won these matches and moved into another round. Now, Ireland and Slovenia are competing against each other.


A bracket showing the teams in the hypothetical IQA World Cup is pictured. The next round, between Ireland and Slovenia, is circled in yellow.


The date or year of the real IQA World Cup isn’t known yet. The IQA has announced that its next event will be in 2022, but it isn’t known if it will be the IQA Continental Games or the IQA World Cup. Suggestions are that the IQA Continental Games might be first.


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