Seven Other “Harry Potter” Stories I Need to See

While there have been several new additions to the Harry Potter universe, there are still some stories I would like to see and read about. These range from new stories to retellings to different points of view. Harry Potter has such an interesting history and unique world, and I have always wanted to know everything about it. Here are seven stories that could be written about the wizarding world that I believe would enrich the Potter universe so much more.


The Marauders



This story is one that has been in popular demand as of late. I have seen countless fan-made trailers for the possible movie adaptation. We obviously know the basic details of this story from Snape’s memories and stories Sirius and Remus told. However, I think it would be really interesting to further get to know what James and Lily were really like since we only know what others told us. This story would follow James, Remus, Sirius, Peter, Severus, and Lily at Hogwarts. We would get to see the boys getting into mischief, James and Lily falling in love, the fallout with Severus, and possibly the first rise of Voldemort. This story would make a stunning prequel to Harry Potter.


Voldemort’s Origins


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This is probably the one I would be most interested in seeing. Again, there have been some fan-made films about Voldemort’s origins, but I would love to see it put to paper. We know a little about his family and how he discovered Horcruxes, but I would like to know more about his years at Hogwarts, how he created his Horcruxes and why he chose those objects, how he found Nagini, and generally more about his first rise to power. This one would make for a better book adaptation, in my opinion.


Lily’s Childhood



This does differ from the Marauders story I mentioned earlier. I would like to see this story start before Lily discovers she is a witch and follow all the way up to her connecting with James. This would be able to focus more on her and her relationships with her family and Severus and less on the brooding romance with James. It would be fun to see her dynamic with Petunia more as well. This might also show a better side of Severus since we only really know the heartbroken version.


Dumbledore’s Life Story



This one would definitely be a series. I’d love to see this one start with his childhood and go all the way up to him dying, so we would get to see his point of view on the Grindelwald battle and on Harry Potter. This one would show more on the events of how his father killed those three Muggles, how his sister died, his life as a student at Hogwarts, his time teaching Tom Riddle, how he became headmaster, and just his general side of the story in the stories we already know. It would be nice to also see his thoughts on Harry’s destiny as he guided him through his years at Hogwarts. 


Hogwarts’ Origins


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This would obviously be about Salazar Slytherin, Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, and Rowena Ravenclaw. I would love to see the background stories on their lives and how they founded Hogwarts – and how they came up with the name. I think it would be interesting to see the first set of students to come through and how Salazar opened the Chamber of Secrets. This story would definitely make for a great setup to the book mentioned in the main series, Hogwarts: A History.


Luna’s Point of View



Luna Lovegood is such a beloved character, and I hate that we don’t know more about her. For this story, I would like to see her first years at Hogwarts and her life there before she meets Harry. I’d then like to see her experience from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix onward. It would be interesting to see her point of view for Deathly Hallows and when she gets taken to Malfoy Manor as well as her thoughts on Neville. A final point to make would also be more about her childhood and how her mother died, plus more about her father.


Hermione’s Point of View



This one probably wouldn’t add any new information other than more on her parents and her discovery of the wizarding world. I would love to see her point of view on all of the books. I’m more than sure it would involve a lot of sass about Harry and Ron being idiots. Plus, to finally see every class she took in Prisoner of Azkaban would be remarkable. I’d also like to see her thoughts as her affection for Ron grew as well as her point of view for the Obliviation of her parents. I just really think Hermione’s point of view of Harry Potter would be so fulfilling.


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Karmen Allison

Writing about the wizarding world has always been a dream and passion of mine. I definitely feel as though Harry Potter has shaped the person I am and has influenced me in so many ways. You will always find me with a book in my hand, sipping tea, and contemplating my next story to tell.