CC #452: Week of July 25, 2021

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Ron: “Nope! I was definitely not sleeping on the stairs. Certainly not. I was reading a book. I left it right here… somewhere…”

For the first time in fifty years, Ron was willingly picking out a book to read!

Harry: “When you said these books were on another level, Hermione, I didn’t think you meant on ACTUAL levels!”
Hermione: “What else did you expect?”

Hermione: “You know, I prefer the library I got from the Beast.”
Ron: “What?”
Hermione: “Oh, sorry, that was a different Hermione actress.”

Hermione: “This is my collection of Hogwarts: A History, every printed edition since its first publication.”

Ron: “Hermione’s pregnant again. Where’s the baby names book?”
Harry: “Oh, Ron, you don’t need that. Just name the kid after someone who died.”

Ron: “So, I was thinking we could convert our library under the stairs into a spare bedroom. What do you think, Harry?”

Ron: “What’s this book? It’s called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: The Official Script.”
Hermione: “Don’t touch that, Ron.”
Ron: “Why not? Is it dangerous?”
Hermione: “Worse – it’s controversial.”
—Vanessa S.

Hermione: “Ron, come down from there!”
Ron: “Not until the spider is gone!”
Harry: (laughing uncontrollably) “You’re still scared of spiders!”
Ron: “At least I’m not afraid of pigeons!”
Harry: “Hey!”
Ron: “You started it!”
Hermione: “Boys, boys, let’s all admit… both of you are pathetic!”
—So bored

Ron: “What’s this? You have a book about the Tutshill Tornados but not the Chudley Cannons? I’m not sure we can stay married after this.”

When Hermione summoned Dumbledore’s collection of Horcrux books, she didn’t expect them to come still organized on a bookshelf.

The bookcase: It’s a bookshelf and a staircase, so it’s a bookcase!

Ron: “Do you really think Hermione will want to go out with me if I give her this bookshelf?”
Harry: “Sure! It’s Hermione we’re talking about!”

And then, Ron wondered why he was the only one who, as an adult, still dressed the way he did as a kid.





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