Events Roundup: Beer Tastings, Fan Conventions, and Cathedral Tours

How are you celebrating 20 years of Harry Potter? You’d better think of something to do before the year is up. Thankfully, you have some time and we have plenty of events for you to enjoy. With that, let’s get started on this week’s Events Roundup. 


20th-Anniversary Celebratory Beer Tasting

There’s nothing better than celebrating 20 years of magic with a cold, crispy brewsky. If you’ve been around at least a year longer than the film franchise, you can legally enjoy a real-world butterbeer. Studio 35 Cinema & Drafthouse in Columbus, Ohio, is hosting this delicious event on August 29. The watch party starts promptly at 1:00 p.m., and tickets include ten beer samples, raffle prizes, a customer pint glass, and entry for fun giveaways. Tickets are $45 per person.


The 20th anniversary celebration of the first "Harry Potter" movie deserves a butterbeer.


Harry Potter Trivia House Cup

Do you know the books and movies backward and forward? Prove yourself worthy of your House and claim the House Cup. The online event, hosted by Interrupt the Routine, will test your Potter knowledge from both the books and the movies, so you’d better study up. The entire month of September will have events lined up, starting on September 3. There are cash prizes for winning and placing. Tickets start at around £11, and more information can be found on the event page online.


Be worthy of your House and claim first prize.


Prague Potterfest

Some of the most exciting events are the conventions we attend in the name of our beloved fandom. Potterfest in Prague is scheduled to get underway starting September 4. There’s plenty of stuff to enjoy during the convention, such as a discussion panel with Adrián Macho, who illustrated the Czech editions of the Harry Potter books. Another panel includes an owl trainer so you can learn more about the magnificent creatures. You can also participate in a costume contest and so much more! Tickets for Potterfest start at 599 CZK (just under US$30) and can be purchased online. More information about tickets, dates, and program details are on the event website.


Dragon Con

If you’re stateside this fall, Atlanta, Georgia, is probably much more accessible to you. Starting September 2 and running through September 6, Dragon Con will host a variety of things to do. Guests in attendance include Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) and Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley). Not only will you have access to guest panels, but attendees will be able to enjoy workshops, vendors, contests, artist exhibitions, and more! Ticket prices depend on how many days you attend but start at $20. For more information, you can check out the event website.


The countdown is on for Dragon Con 2021.


Gloucester: History, Myths, and Legends

Gloucester is the closest thing we Muggles have to experiencing Hogwarts. That’s because it was one of the filming locations used for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter franchise. The grand cathedral is home to towering rooms, rainbow-colored stained glass windows, and long hallways for thinking about important things. A walking tour of Gloucester Cathedral lasts about an hour and a half on September 9 starting at 5:00 p.m. local time. Tourists can find the church in Gloucester in the United Kingdom. Tickets are £12 and can be purchased online. For more information, check out the event website.


Gloucester Cathedral makes Hogwarts a reality that tourists can enjoy.


That’s all we have for you for this week’s Events Roundup. Check back later for more to do in your area. If you’re hosting an upcoming magical event, you can submit it to be included in a future Events Roundup by sending all relevant information to


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