“Potter” Home Decor the Dursleys Would Detest

Well done, you’ve come to exactly the right article. How do I know? You’re reading MuggleNet, “home decor” made your eyeballs light up like the Goblet of Fire, and you cherish the thought of disgusting the Dursleys. 

I know your type. You try to restrain yourself. A Hogwarts bedspread from Pottery Barn isn’t too outlandish, right? You’re still a reasonable person. But deep down, it’s not enough – not until your front door opens by tapping enchanted bricks with a pink umbrella. 

So scroll with me through these five Harry Potter decor projects, ranging from sort of reasonable to so intense, you’ll frighten your friends and family. (The Dursleys would not approve.) Off we go.


Ashley’s Wizarding Hallway

Let’s start our tour with Ashely’s bewitching hallway makeover. Like so many of us, Ashley visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and left with the disturbing realization that everything is totally lame in comparison. 

You need to see the shop that inspired her. Here’s Wiseacre’s Wizarding Equipment at Universal Studios Hollywood:


The starry ceiling of a magical shop at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter


When Ashley returned home, she took up her paintbrush, rolled up her sleeves, and transformed her hallway. Asked about her project, she said:

Every time I visit Diagon Alley at Universal Orlando, I drool over the blue and spangled walls at Wiseacre’s Wizarding Equipment. I painted all the stars by hand. It took a total of about 15 hours, but it was super cheap – just the cost of the paint. The light fixture was also inspired by the giant stars hanging in Wiseacre’s.”


A set of frame wands with the word, "Ollivander's" hangs on the wall of a Harry Potter fan's hallway

Source: Photograph by Ashley Platé, of @McgonagallsApprentice


A collection of beautifully framed wands and a starry light accent the hallway. 


A Harry Potter fan stands in her hallway, which she covered in magical hand-painted stars

Source: Photograph by Ashley Platé, of @McgonagallsApprentice



A Levitation Charm for a Gallery Wall

Next up, it’s a gallery wall so magical it would turn Uncle Vernon purple with fury. Complete with a flurry of flying Hogwarts letters, Kelsie’s gallery wall of wizarding artwork brings all the magic. There’s just the right amount of whimsy.


A Harry Potter fan's gallery wall, strewn with unique wizarding artwork

Source: Photograph by Kelsie MacKenzie of @TheSpeckledHippogriff


Kelsie told me, “I love being able to add some of my favorite touches of ‘Harry Potter’ at my home, so I can revisit the magic and memories any time.”


A handmade Hogwarts letter hangs from a mobile in a Harry Potter fan's home

Source: Photograph by Kelsie MacKenzie of @TheSpeckledHippogriff



Repello Muggletum

 Searching for slightly more Muggle-friendly inspiration? Which is to say, do you have a partner who won’t let you convert your main bedroom into a full-scale replica of the Astronomy Tower? And thus, you require an approach that more effectively sneaks wizarding aesthetics into the home?

Susan’s accent cubby could be your inspiration. Take a look at this beautifully curated nook with its many winks to Professor Sprout. Farmhouse chic at a glance – Herbology Hufflepuff heaven up close. 


A Harry Potter nook with subtle wizarding touches

Source: Photograph by Susan, of @SimplyMagicalSusan


Asked about her project, Susan said, “I love decor that’s fun and not always noticeable right off the get-go. […] I like my ‘Harry Potter’ and other fandom decor to flow with everything else I own.”


A Harry Potter fan's kitchen is decorated with owls and cauldrons

Source: Photograph by Susan, of @SimplyMagicalSusan



“The Cruciatus Curse Ought to Loosen…” Your Decor

What’s this, you say? Your partner is equally obsessed with Harry Potter? And you want to lean into this even harder? And possibly frighten some house guests in the process?

Well, you’re going to love the next project by this adorable French dad I stumbled across on Instagram. Behold, his hilariously chilling guest bathroom in honor of Dolores Umbridge! I tip my hat to you, sir. I’m pink with envy. But not as pink as your bathroom:


I wonder what the main bathroom is like… 


“There’s Only One Place We’re Gonna Get All of This”

We’re not done yet. Because once upon a time, a wildly unstoppable carpenter totally lost it in the basement one day and erected what we all desire the most: a movie-quality replica of Diagon Alley. That’s right. This really exists in a basement somewhere, in a house much cooler than ours. The homeowners and creators are Savanah and Adam. 

I had questions, of course. Savanah explained:

In 2014, while my husband Adam [UX Designer by day] and I were on the hunt for our first home we struck a deal: The house would be perpetually decorated for Halloween and I would select a ‘small corner’ somewhere to devote to the Harry Potter bric-à-brac I’ve accumulated over the years.”

Small corner, indeed. Savanah went on:

Some time after we closed on our house, Adam showed me sketches of what he had in mind for my ‘small corner somewhere.’ I was absolutely blown away by what he was proposing. […] He had dedicated an enormous section of our basement bar to two full Diagon Alley storefronts – Twilfitt & Tattings and Florean Fortescue’s.”

The results are jaw-dropping:


A Potterhead created a Diagon Alley replica in their basement

Source: Photograph by Savanah Czarnik, of @Savczar


Standing floor to ceiling, these authentic Diagon Alley storefronts are every Potterhead’s fantasy. And these two aren’t done yet, according to Savanah: “We’re currently working on adding a bit of magic with a friend who’s a wizard with electronics – to have things move in the shop windows when waving a wand.”


A Harry Potter fan built a partial replica of Diagon Alley in their basement

Source: Photograph by Savanah Czarnik, of @Savczar


If a partial replica of Diagon Alley weren’t enough, this witch and wizard also Exceed Expectations with an epic nod to the Gryffindor common room. Caput Draconis!


A Harry Potter fan's Gryffindor Common Room replica impressively occupies their basement

Source: Photograph by Savanah Czarnik, of @Savczar


With that, my good witches and wizards, I’ll let you get back to your workday. But who are we kidding? You’re off to go buy paint and lumber now.


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