15 More Ways You Know You’ve Read Too Much Fan Fiction

Many avid readers, myself included, have stayed up till 3:00 a.m. reading 400K-word fanfics. From imaginings of Harry as a Slytherin to the numerous mischievous escapades the Marauders have been on, the world of fan fiction has covered all sorts of topics and possibilities – so many that I may have just read too much (I know, there should never be “too much” fan fiction). Here are 15 signs that prove you need to stop reading fanfics till dawn.

1. You always gush about Harry and Draco being best mates.

2. … and now they’re snogging in a broom closet down the hall.

3. You snigger whenever Harry forgets that he’s filthy rich – Merlin, the Potters have a manor and some house-elves!

4. You would rather reread your favorite fanfics than the books.

5. You still think that Harry’s the true heir of Slytherin…

6. … and he was also sorted into Slytherin.

7. You believe that Gordon Ramsay is the best Potions professor Hogwarts has ever seen, and you find his rivalry with Snape absolutely hilarious.

8. You refuse to admit that Dumbledore is anything but a manipulative chess master who strung Harry like a marionette.

9. You’re absolutely certain that Harry doesn’t return the Elder Wand to Dumbledore’s tomb.

10. … and that he also finds out that he’s immortal because he’s the Master of Death.

11. You tear up whenever you remember that Walburga Black actually loved Sirius and wanted him back at Grimmauld Place.

12. You’re ready to fight anyone who says that Harry isn’t known as “Prongslet.”

13. You’ve seen the tag “Dumbledore/Hagrid/Harry.”

14. Whenever you go back to the moment Fred and George find out about Norse mythology, you can’t help grinning when they build a bloody mural for their beloved God of Mischief. 

15. You know for a fact that Harry is actually bloody brilliant at Potions.


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