USQ Hosts 2021 Midwest Regional Championship

While the 2021 Northeast Regional Championship (NERC) was canceled, it wasn’t the only regional championship organized by US Quidditch (USQ) for this weekend. The 2021 Midwest Regional Championship (MWRC) went forward this weekend, October 30–31, as scheduled in Papillion, Nebraska.

MWRC is smaller than the previous 2021 USQ regional championships, NERC and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship (MARC). Only five teams registered for this event, and all are college teams. They are Blue Jay Quidditch, Creighton Quidditch, Kansas Quidditch, Mizzou Club Quidditch, and the University of Northern Colorado.

Having just five teams meant that MWRC had only one division, for Muggle quidditch college teams. This is also why MWRC was changed to a one-day event, on Saturday, October 30.


Muggle quidditch players, one in USA attire, are shown in play.


The game structure was simpler than in the previous 2021 regional championships. The teams participated in a single round-robin format, the same as should have happened in the club division for the canceled NERC.

Creighton Quidditch won the most games and were the only ones who defeated Mizzou Club Quidditch at MWRC. After that, Creighton Quidditch became the champions of MWRC 2021. Creighton Quidditch, Mizzou Club Quidditch (who placed second), and Kansas Quidditch (who placed third) have qualified for the 2022 USQ Cup.

According to USQ’s schedule of regional championships for fall 2021, only one regional championship is left in this calendar year. It is the Great Lakes Regional Championship, scheduled to be held in West Chester, Ohio, on November 6–7, 2021.


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Veronika Kohoutová

I played Muggle Quidditch for the Prague Pegasus and on our national team in the European Games 2019.