Nine Things That Could Be Changed About the Wizarding World

Within the series, the wizarding world hasn’t had the greatest luck when it comes to the Minister of Magic. Between Fudge and his denial that Voldemort had returned to Pius Thicknesse, who was nothing more than a puppet the Death Eaters placed within the Ministry, the wizarding world really has struggled under its leadership. Here are just nine of the things that could be changed about the wizarding world to make it a better and safer place.

1. Let Hagrid finish his education at Hogwarts. After all, he wasn’t the one who killed Moaning Myrtle, so why should he continue to suffer for a crime that he didn’t commit? (We would also provide Hogwarts with the reinforced chairs they are going to need when he attends.)

2. Quidditch should be made a fairer game. Listen, if one Seeker can have a Firebolt and the other is on a Cleansweep Three, there is obviously an advantage toward the player on the Firebolt. To ensure it is fair, all players should have the same make of broomstick so that the game is based on skill and not who has the best broomsticks.

3. Arthur Weasley should get a raise. From his work helping protect Muggles to his work within the Order of the Phoenix, it is hard to argue that Arthur Weasley isn’t a hero. Simply put, he should get a raise since he deserves it.

4. Somehow, despite helping bring back the Dark Lord and being responsible for the tragedy that got Sirius Black arrested, Peter Pettigrew still has the Order of Merlin First Class. This seems a bit unfair, and that award needs to be removed immediately. 

5. English and math lessons should be compulsory lessons within Hogwarts. There is no point in being able to cast spells if you can’t spell.

6. Speaking of Hogwarts, it should be made a safer place, since it can be agreed that Hogwarts is not the safest of places. From those staircases that just seem like they could cause a serious injury if some poor student should trip and fall to the eccentric range of Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers, it is a miracle that as many students made it out of Hogwarts as they did.

7. Place an undercover wizard at King’s Cross to help any Muggle-born students when they are trying to get to Platform 9 ¾. Not only would this be helpful to any student who might have to get to the train alone, but it would also prevent any students from illegally flying cars to Hogwarts.

8. No bribes should be taken – not even from one particularly well-known family, even if they offered all the gold within the wizarding world.

9. Werewolves should be given equal rights and be provided with Wolfsbane to help them during that time of the month, because they truly deserve better than what they’re currently getting.


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Jessica Thompson

Somehow, despite reading the Chamber of Secrets and Goblet of Fire books first, I still became a huge Harry Potter fan and fifteen years later I am still crying over the books on a daily basis. Writing and sharing my love for all things Potter is a dream come true.