This Wizarding Family Is on Top of People’s Christmas Wish List

For those who celebrate, Christmas is just around the corner, and if we had to choose, we would totally spend it at Hogwarts if that were an option. Christmastime is always extra magical in the wizarding world, and Harry spent his fair share of Christmases at Hogwarts, the Burrow, and even Grimmauld Place. If we had to ask everyone which wizarding family they’d like to spend Christmas with, we’d be curious to hear the answers. NOW, a streaming platform in the United Kingdom, seemed to be wondering the same thing, and it has gathered some interesting information.

NOW found that 55% of people prefer to spend this time of year rewatching their favorite programs and films instead of watching new content. Yes, we definitely fall into that category – another Harry Potter marathon to celebrate the festive season, anyone? It’s no surprise, then, that the study predicted that the average Brit will spend about 41 hours watching films and TV shows over this festive period. But when they’re done binge-watching their favorite films, what family do Britons wish they could spend their Christmas with?

According to NOW, about a quarter (23%) of the British public admitted that if there was one family they could spend Christmas with, it would be the Weasleys. We’re not surprised at all. What better place to celebrate this special time of year than at the Burrow, with Mrs. Weasley’s delicious meat pies, Fred and George’s pranks, and Celestina Warbeck’s music on the radio? We don’t know about you, but it sounds like pure bliss.

TV expert Boyd Hilton seems to agree, saying that it’s no surprise that people would like to spend their Christmas at the Weasleys’.

Festive TV has the power to raise our spirits and remind us of happier times – it’s no surprise that relatable TV clan the Weasleys have topped the list of on-screen families that the nation would most want to spend Christmas Day with.

Which wizarding family would you like to spend this time of year with? Let us know in the comments.


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