Invest in a First Edition of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” for just $1

Most Harry Potter fans will, at some point, have rummaged through their bookshelves in search of their copies of the Harry Potter books, taking a peep inside to discover whether or not they’re worth anything. If you haven’t had any luck, you could now invest in one of the first-edition copies of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for just $1 on Otis.


The copy of "Philosopher's Stone" that can be invested in on "Otis"

The copy of “Philosopher’s Stone” that can be invested in on Otis


Otis is an investment website and app that gives anyone the chance to buy and sell shares of “cultural assets,” including a first edition of Philosopher’s Stone.

Anyone [can] purchase shares of valuable collectibles on the Otis app. Investors then watch as those shares fluctuate in value just like stock. Trade shares anytime, hopefully for a major profit. Otis’ goal is to democratize access to rare collectibles, giving anyone the opportunity to invest in powerful cultural items they otherwise couldn’t afford.

Only 500 copies of the original version of Philosopher’s Stone were released, and of these, 200 were sent to bookstores and the remaining 300 to libraries. If in good condition, these original copies are now worth a lot of money; one was recently sold at auction for $471,000, which is potentially the highest price ever paid for a first-edition copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

The copy you can invest in on Otis is one of the 200 books that were sent to bookstores. It has never been read, and it is worth $115,800.

First edition, first impression, the preferred case-bound issue. This copy was donated by Blackwell’s Bookshops [United Kingdom] for a charity raffle in 1997 and has remained on the winner’s bookshelf until now.


The text that accompanies the copy of "Philosopher's Stone"

The text that accompanies the copy of “Philosopher’s Stone”


The copy has everything a first edition should have, from the “10-down-to-1 number line” to the words “1 wand” appearing twice in the list of equipment on page 53. It is the case-bound issue, featuring “original matt laminated printed paper boards, issued without a dust jacket.” The unread copy is almost pristine, with only a few signs of age.

Spine, upper and left edges of front cover faded, corners and foot of spine slightly rubbed, Blackwell’s bookseller’s bookplate to front pastedown.


The copy of "Philosopher's Stone"

The copy of “Philosopher’s Stone”


It’s any Potterhead’s dream to own a first-edition Harry Potter book, and this is a fantastic way to give anyone the chance to invest in rare collectibles such as this. Will you be considering putting a small investment toward this special first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone?


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