“Harry Potter: The Exhibition” Releases First Glimpse of Hogwarts Houses Gallery

In just over a week, the doors to the highly anticipated Harry Potter: The Exhibition will open to its very first visitors at the Franklin Institute in Philadephia, Pennsylvania. To help get fans excited for what’s to come, a sneak peek of the Hogwarts Houses gallery has been revealed.

With Harry Potter: The Exhibition set to be “the most comprehensive touring exhibition ever presented about Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, and the expanded Wizarding World,” the Hogwarts Houses gallery is just one of 21 distinct areas on display. Spread across 2,000 square feet, the gallery will take visitors on an immersive exploration of the four Houses, encompassing each House’s history and traits. Exclusively for the exhibition, each House crest has been redesigned and presented on stained glass windows.

The teaser image shows the newly designed Ravenclaw crest, featuring an eagle on a blue and silver background. And never fear, Ravenclaws who prefer the book House colors – the pennant above the stained glass window appears to show a blue and bronze crest. Nestled in the corner is the Sorting Hat, which will prove to be a very magical addition to the gallery for visitors looking for interactive experiences.


"Harry Potter: The Exhibition" Hogwarts Houses gallery showing a newly designed Ravenclaw crest.

The sneak peek shows the newly designed Ravenclaw crest, Ravenclaw pennant, and Sorting Hat.


President & CEO of Imagine Exhibitions Tom Zaller shared that “the journey through Hogwarts Houses will be one of the most anticipated of the entire exhibition,” and taking a look at what’s in store for fans, it’s easy to see why.

In addition to learning about each House, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in costume and prop displays, including “activated prop displays” that bring to life moments from the story. The exhibition’s use of digital technology means that fans will also be able to take interactive portraits with the Sorting Hat. Personalized digital activation moments are a key feature throughout the exhibition, allowing each visitor to curate their own experience. For the Hogwarts Houses gallery, this means different digital activation moments for fans depending on the House they chose during preregistration.

Excitement for Harry Potter: The Exhibition has been building since the announcement in July 2021 that it would be making its first stop in Philadephia. Passion for Potter has meant that presales for the exhibition have exceeded all previous exhibitions at the Franklin Institute since 2007. This is something that President & CEO Larry Dubinski believes could indicate that Harry Potter: The Exhibition will be one of [the most], if not the most, successful exhibition of all time at [t]he Franklin Institute.”

Harry Potter: The Exhibition opens to the public on February 18, and tickets can be purchased from the Franklin Institute website. After its stay in Philadelphia, Harry Potter: The Exhibition will make its way around the world. There are no further confirmed stops as of yet, but previous reports expect stops to include cities in Latin America, the Asia-Pacific Region (APAC), and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

Will you be visiting the world premiere of Harry Potter: The Exhibition in Philadelphia? If you can’t grab a Portkey to get you there, don’t worry. MuggleNet will be bringing you our thoughts and insight on the exhibition, so stay tuned!

Press Release


PHILADELPHIA, PA February 8, 2022Harry Potter: The Exhibition, the most comprehensive touring exhibition ever presented about Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, and the expanded Wizarding World, including Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, makes its world premiere at [t]he Franklin Institute on February 18, 2022. Today, Imagine Exhibitions and EMC [P]resents, in partnership with Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment, teased a photo of the Hogwarts Houses gallery featuring a newly designed Ravenclaw crest and shared more details of the personalized journey guests will soon experience.

Throughout the twenty thousand[-]square[-]foot sprawling exhibition, guests will see authentic props and original costumes as they engage with innovative, awe-inspiring, and magical environments in ways never before experienced in a touring exhibition. The exhibition features 21 distinct and memorable areas, including [t]he Great Hall, [t]he Forbidden Forest, and the immersive and grand Hogwarts Houses gallery, which beautifully represents the four unique crests of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin [H]ouses.

“The journey through Hogwarts Houses will be one of the most anticipated of the entire exhibition, and we are very excited to share an early look at this treasured gallery,” said Tom Zaller, President & CEO of Imagine Exhibitions.

The Hogwarts Houses gallery sets the foundation for the exhibition experience, allowing guests the opportunity to experience more personalized moments with the [H]ouse they select during their preregistration. While guests may gravitate towards one [H]ouse this Gallery allows visitors to experience all of the Hogwarts [H]ouses in a celebratory hall featuring an iconic Sorting Hat Photo Experience while surrounded by freshly designed [H]ouse crests on meticulously created stained glass windows. In this nearly 2,000-square-foot gallery, fans will discover [H]ouse facts, snap interactive portraits with the Sorting Hat, engage with select costumes and props, and connect with beloved characters and story moments through activated prop displays. They will learn about the legendary [H]ouses and their distinctive characteristics and continue their own exhibition experience through personalized digital activation moments.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition is an all-new behind-the-scenes exhibition that celebrates the iconic moments, characters, settings, and beasts as seen in the films and stories of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and the expanded Wizarding World through beautifully crafted environments using best-in-class immersive design and technology.

The tease reveal comes just as the exhibition exceeds presales for every exhibition at [t]he Franklin Institute since 2007 in just 15 weeks. “All indications show that Harry Potter: The Exhibition will be one of, if not the most successful exhibition of all time at [t]he Franklin Institute,” shared Larry Dubinski, President & CEO of [t]he Franklin Institute.

Fans are encouraged to follow Harry Potter: The Exhibition on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as all social media channels for [t]he Franklin Institute. #HarryPotterExhibition


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