“Potter”-Themed Pasta Captivates Fans Worldwide

Danny Freeman, known on Instagram as @dannylovespasta, creates beautiful pasta art. One of his most recent creations will have Harry Potter fans raising their forks with excitement and planning their next Potter party.

Danny posted that a British website asked him to come up with some wizarding pasta to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone film. In response, he created House scarves, Golden Snitches, Nimbus 2000 broomsticks, and Sorting Hats. He posted several videos about his Potter pasta creations on TikTok, with one reaching over 2.5 million people.



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The Golden Snitch and Sorting Hat pasta are ravioli, while the House scarves are similar to ribbon pasta and the Nimbus brooms are more like tubular pasta. What filling did Danny use for the ravioli? He made the Sorting Hats true to their name, with colored filling matching one of the Hogwarts Houses in each ravioli. Why use cupcakes to Sort your party guests when you can use ravioli?

Even after cooking the pasta, it still retains its shape and color well, with the House scarves just as vibrant cooked as they were raw. Ravenclaws may be quick to notice that the film House colors, not the traditional book House colors, were used on their scarves, but this pasta was made for the film anniversary.



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A post shared by Danny Freeman (@dannylovespasta)


Danny achieved the colors using a variety of natural ingredients. Spinach can be used to create green pasta, whereas beets and paprika are used to make the pasta dough red. Paprika is also used to create orange pasta. Butterfly pea flower, commonly used in teas, can be used to make blue pasta dough. A simple egg yolk can help give the pasta a more yellow tone, while activated charcoal can be used to create black pasta.

If you’re looking for other Potter-themed pasta, Danny has also created witch hats, potted succulents that could easily be turned into potted mandrakes, and striped bowtie pasta that could be repurposed as House ties.

Are you going to make this pasta for your next Harry Potter-themed party?


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