Wizrocklopedia Compilation Club Returns for 2022

One of the most exciting developments in the Potter fandom last year was the Wizrocklopedia Compilation Club. This joint venture between Wizrocklopedia and the Wizard Rock Sampler brought new music to the ears of wizard rock fans, who we’re sure will be pleased to know that the subscription has returned for 2022.

The Wizrocklopedia Compilation Club is a year-long digital subscription that releases compilation albums of exclusive wizard rock music. Over the course of the year, fans will receive four compilation albums, one every quarter, each made up of ten new songs based on a theme. In addition to exclusive music that can’t be found anywhere else, each album features original artwork by artists in the wizard rock and Potter fandoms.

The first compilation is titled Alphabet Soup: An LGBTQIA+ Comp and will drop on March 10. This album features both established and new wizard rock voices and is comprised of “artists, musicians, and songs that are part of the LGBTQIA+ community.”



Subscriptions to the Wizrocklopedia Compilation Club cost $50, and anyone who signs up before December 31, 2022, will receive all the albums for this year, regardless of when they purchase their subscription. The cost of the subscription covers the payment of the musicians, artists, and magical sound mixers, all of whom are integral to making new wizard rock for us to enjoy.

For anyone who missed the 2021 Wizrocklopedia Compilation Club, all four albums are currently available to purchase. The titles of last year’s albums were Back to the Beginning, Wizard Rock Around the World, Let’s Get Loud: The Best of Wizard Punk, Ska, Metal, and Rock, and A Tribute to Lauren Fairweather.

The Wizrocklopedia Compilation Club aims to help musicians get their work out there and into the ears of anyone who wants to listen. The unique nature of the compilation club comes from the organizers’ dedication to showcasing as many genres and musical styles as possible. As the club told MuggleNet in an interview last year, “There are so many different musical genres represented that if you like music, there is some song inspired by the Harry Potter universe that you are going to want to hear.”

Head to the 2022 Wizrocklopedia Compilation Club Big Cartel page to find out more and to sign up for a subscription.

Press Release

Wizrocklopedia Compilation Club Continues to Bring Exclusive New Wizard Rock to the Community

Last year, the popular wizard rock news site Wizrocklopedia teamed up with the Wizard Rock Sampler to create a new digital music subscription service! The Wizrocklopedia Compilation Club released four brand-new albums of exclusive wizard rock music each quarter, resulting in four compilation albums jam-packed with 40 original songs by 40 different artists. Each album had a unique theme, original art, and professional mastering, and proceeds supported the artists and organizers who contributed. The Wizrocklopedia Compilation Club is continuing its work in 2022, organizing new themes and new music!

Now more than ever is the time to support artists and creators, especially in the wake of dangerous and harmful posts from the author-who-must-not-be-named. That’s why our first album of 2022 will be Alphabet Soup: [A]n LGBTQIA+ Comp. The first album releases in March and features artists, musicians, and songs that are part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Subscriptions are available through BigCartel [sic], and albums will be delivered right to a subscriber’s email inbox. Anyone who joins the Wizrocklopedia Compilation Club during 2022 will not only receive all upcoming releases but also be sent any albums they may have missed as well. At only $50 for a year’s worth of brand-new music, it’s a perfect way to celebrate a love of all things Hogwarts and support independent artists at the same time.

For those who missed getting a subscription to last year’s club, the 2021 Wizrocklopedia Compilation Club’s four albums are available for purchase for $50 through BigCartel’s [sic] website as well.


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