Gruellingly Nauseating and Onerous MuggleNet Exercise: Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood is one of the most creative, caring, optimistic, and witty Ravenclaw witches we’ve had the pleasure of knowing, be it through coming across her in the books or through Evanna Lynch’s brilliantly captivating performance. Known as one of the most unique members of Dumbledore’s Army — who eventually spearheaded the group along with Neville Longbottom and Ginny Weasley during the Second Wizarding War — Luna made a name for herself not only as one of Hogwarts’ heroes, but also as a wonderful friend who believes in Nargles, Wrackspurts, and loads of Ministry conspiracies.

All the DA and Quibbler talk aside, though — how much do you actually know about Luna Lovegood? Take this GNOME to find out if you’re worthy enough to wear the prestigious medal of being one of Luna’s best friends!



Given that Luna is the daughter of the man who created and regularly publishes the Quibbler, it’s no surprise that she’s rather… well, more of a free spirit with a few weird bits and pieces here and there. This definitely matches her fanbase, because Luna’s oddball personality is the reason why so many people absolutely love her. With all that love comes loads of people claiming that they know her best, so go ahead and comment your scores down below!


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