How to Plan a Date Like Luna Lovegood

Hello everyone. Dad has asked me to write an article for this next edition of The Quibbler. I was unsure what to write about at first. After all, there are so many interesting things to choose from. I could discuss the habitat of the Crumple-Horned Snorkack. Or maybe I could discuss how misunderstood Thestrals are. Did you know some folks think they are a bad omen? That’s just silly; they’re just the sweetest things. But then I had Ginny around for tea, and she thought it would be fun to write about some of my favorite activities. She has an anniversary coming up too, which inspired me to write this particular article. So here is how you can plan a date like me, your one and only Luna Lovegood.


Luna Lovegood wearing her Spectraspecs



I do hope you all remember my very unique jewelry. Butterbeer necklaces are known to help keep Nargles away, and Dirigible Plum earrings will boost the wisdom of the wearer. What better way to show your love than to grant them some extra wisdom and protection from nasty little pests? If you do not happen to have butterbeer corks or Dirigible Plums on hand, I suppose that’s okay. You could take a trip to your local thrift store and see what kinds of beads, buttons, and threads you can find. Let inspiration guide you while you are wandering the store. Grab the most eye-catching, curious, and oddly shaped items you can find and see how you and your partner can repurpose them into a fun craft.



If either you or your partner is a fan of baking, this activity is for you. Pick out a recipe you both enjoy, perhaps some pudding. Once all the materials and ingredients are collected and set up, mix all the ingredients blindfolded. Let your partner guide you with their hands and see if you both can bake your dish without verbal instruction. Be sure you both are safe when around sharp or hot items.





Looking for a way to spend your summer afternoons? Make a variety of snacks and treats; perhaps you can include the ones you and your partner have just baked and arrange them all in a large basket. Head over to a nearby meadow or riverbed, lay out a blanket, and have yourselves a lovely picnic. One of my favorite things to do outside is cloud watching. I do so hope you remember that one time I was commentating for Quidditch. There were so many interestingly shaped clouds out that day. Lay down on your blanket and see what shapes you can find in the sky above. Kick off your shoes and go for a walk in the soft grasses or splash around in the stream. While you are both strolling, see if you can find a gnome. Don’t worry if it bites you, though. Daddy has assured me that gnome saliva is quite beneficial.





Looking for something more active? I’ve spent a lot of quality time out in the forest admiring the many creatures that live there. Take your loved one out for a hike somewhere you both have never been before. See how many different kinds of animals and plants you can find. Take some time to admire the unique shapes and colors of the trees and flowers. Gather up the stones, sticks, and leaves that catch your eye as you go about your hike. Once you have enough, see if you and your partner can create a sculpture together.





There is nothing more peaceful than making art. I have spent many hours going about my house painting birds, insects, flowers, and more on the walls in bright colors. I have even spent quality time creating portraits of my dearest friends. Another activity you may want to try would be painting with your special someone.

There are many interactive painting activities you could do. You could paint each other’s portrait or paint from your imagination and swap canvases every ten minutes. You could even set yourselves up facing the setting sun and create a two-paneled landscape. Set your radio to Celestina Warbeck and listen to “A Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love” as you and your partner paint the night away.





Being a Ravenclaw, I have spent a lot of time in my common room gazing at the stars. Something about looking at those distant lights can really make a person think deeply about life. Gather up some blankets and pillows and set yourselves up for some quality stargazing. See how many constellations you two can find. Make up some new constellations and give them some fun backstories. Learn the backstory of your partner as well. Take turns telling each other a strange, fun fact about yourselves and tell a short story of an experience that goes along with it.




I do hope you all have enjoyed my article. You are always welcome to send an owl to discuss some of your own favorite activities.



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