How to Make Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Wands

Recently, I was invited to a Harry Potter-themed party. And although I was instantly overcome with a flood of enthusiasm, I also felt pressure to contribute something magical. I’m the biggest Harry Potter fan in my friend group, so showing up as a Muggle with a bottle of wine just wasn’t a viable option.

I faced a problem, though, because, despite my enthusiasm for Harry Potter, I’m extremely busy (and fairly kitchen averse, too). Nor do I know any house-elves. And so, in the manner of Ronald Weasley, I found myself the day before the party—with no plan and no recipe.



A Perfect Plan for Procrastinators

Luckily—even for a novice kitchen witch like me—you can make chocolate peanut butter wands that are fast, easy, and totally vegan. They look impressive, too.

All you need to do is gather some basic tools (a large Ziplock bag, a microwavable jar, some wax paper, and a cutting board) and follow the recipe’s four simple steps.

To get a feel for the whole wand-making process, you can also enjoy a quick video and follow me around in my kitchen.



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The Sprinkle Chooses the Wizard

Choosing your decorations is the most fun part of the process, in my opinion. And interestingly, the most admired wands at the party were the ones I kept really simple. For example, instead of decorating your wands with five different sprinkles, just use two. It makes for a stronger design. And, if you can find metallic sprinkles, those really elevate the appearance of the entire dessert tray and give the presentation a dressier feel.



Tips and Tricks for Busy Wandmakers

The most challenging aspect of the recipe is piping the pretzel sticks with peanut butter. If you have a friend to hold the pretzel sticks while you do the decorating, it makes things much easier.

Need to save even more time? Since the guests at the party enjoyed having two options, you can easily save some time by decorating half the pretzels with peanut butter and leaving the other half plain. This can also lower the amount of time that you spend waiting for the peanut butter to set in the refrigerator.



Prepping a dessert for a Harry Potter party has never been easier. Just head over to Rosmerta’s Recipes, where you’ll find the entire recipe for Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Wands.


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Growing up, I always had a fantasy book in my hand. I read through countless math classes, family meals, sermons, and sporting events. By my mid twenties, with four jobs and the Harry Potter books to keep me warm at night, I earned my degree in Literature and Journalism in Boston, graduated with honors, and became a professional writer. These days, I'm a balanced, childless adult, working towards a reasonable aspiration of becoming a witch. Find me online @RobesForAllOccasions