MuggleNet Is Coming to OnlyFans

Here at MuggleNet, we are a diverse team of volunteers who love Harry Potter. We are not a corporate behemoth. We are not professional marketers looking to make a quick buck. We are not influencers. Our primary requirement for anyone who wishes to contribute to MuggleNet is that they are first and foremost a fan of the series. We are only fans. Likewise, MuggleNet exists to provide an inclusive space for all Harry Potter lovers. MuggleNet is for fans and only fans.

That’s why we’re expanding our presence to OnlyFans, where you can subscribe to premium, exclusive Potter content. We try to keep our public channels family-friendly, but on OnlyFans, we can get a little more mature. That means, for example, swearing. No blacking out foul language in memes – expect full-on Muggle and wizard swears. There may be readings of rather steamy fan fiction. We may showcase some sultry cosplay creations. Like our merchandise reviews? There’s a whole world of Potter products that are not child’s play.


Since we’re all about the fans, we will also be taking requests. Want a dramatic recitation of the spicy fic you wrote about your favorite ship? We’ve got you covered. Or maybe you’d like a risqué illustration to go along with that story? Our fan artists are eager to put their quills to the test. OnlyFans is our very own Restricted Section, and you’ve got signed permission from a professor.

Stay tuned for more on how to subscribe and previews of our exclusive content.



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Laurie Beckoff

My Harry Potter journey began in 2000 when I was six and continued through a bachelor's thesis and master's dissertation on medievalism in the series. I'm a Gryffindor from New York City with a passion for theatre, fantasy, Arthurian legend, and science fiction.