CC #469: Week of April 17, 2022

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Jacob Kowalski shows Albus Dumbledore the prototype for his bakery’s new breadsticks.

Jacob: “So, you use these sticks to do magic?”
Dumbledore: (smiles)
Jacob: “Hello?”
Dumbledore: (continues smiling)
Jacob: “Hello?”
Dumbledore: “Smile for the camera, Jacob, and don’t stop.”
—Lucy L.

Dumbledore: “You really thought that the qilin would bow to you, Kowalski? Instead of me? Well, YOU WERE WRONG.”

Dumbledore: “Oh, that wand is just a stick I found the other day. It’s worthless. The magic was within you all along!”
Jacob: “Really?”
Dumbledore: (laughing) No, I’m just joking. Seriously, don’t lose that wand. It’s priceless.

Dumbledore: “I got you a present.”
Jacob: “Wow! Thanks for the… stick.”
—Hagrid’s Helper

Dumbledore: (hands Jacob a wand)
Jacob: “Are you giving this to me? At last, I can use magic like all of my friends!”
Dumbledore: (finishes fixing hat and tie) “I will take my wand back, thank you.”
Jacob: “…”
—Loki’s Girl

Jacob: “But… if there’s no core, does that mean there’s no magic?”
Albus: “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha…… Does it?”
—Kim K.

The smirk that says, ‘My wand can do things that your wand can’t do!’
—Friend of Fawkes

Jacob: “Should I hold onto this for the next movie?”
Dumbledore: “What next movie?”

Dumbledore: “Turn around and go poke one of them in the back with that.”

Jacob: “So, I can do spells? Like abracadabra?”
Dumbledore: “No, like Avada Kedavra.”
Jacob: “What does that do?”
Dumbledore: “You don’t need to know. Just cast it on Grindelwald and it will all be fine.”
—Half-blood Princess

Jacob: “And then Ringo threw both his drumsticks and I caught one.”

Jacob: “Why am I dressed like a Gryffindor?”
Dumbledore: “Newt bet me 10 Galleons you wouldn’t if I asked you to.”





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