Hogwarts Hunt Day 3

Another day of the Hogwarts Hunt is upon us, but it looks like you won’t need an early start this morning. The parchment says, “Astronomy Tower – midnight.” Normally, you’d be worried about getting caught out of bed so late, but this is a school-sanctioned activity, after all. Professor Sinistra might be stargazing and willing to help you. Still, you make your way cautiously up to the tower at a quarter to midnight, hoping not to bump into Peeves.

You emerge into the cool night air at the top of the tower. The sky is a deep bluish-purple, and the stars twinkle brightly.

“Good evening,” says Professor Sinistra. “I hope you’ve been keeping abreast of your Astronomy studies because you’ll need your stargazing skills tonight.”

She indicates a telescope jutting out over the ramparts, and you sit in the chair in front of it.

“You’ll need something we keep in the school’s Intangible Ingredients Inventory, which contains substances so magical and arcane that they cannot be touched, only captured and stored with complex magic. We have the breath of ghosts, decanters of liquid loneliness, and vials of sunset bottled on the summer solstice. But I am responsible for collecting the one you seek. I’ll bottle some for you once you figure out what it is.”

Professor Sinistra hands you a star chart, similar to the ones you’ve completed in her class. “Look through your telescope, find the stars labeled here, and connect them to spell out the name of the ingredient.”

You adjust your telescope to give you a clear view of the sky, its rich hue disturbed only by the pinpoints of faraway stars and planets.


Hogwarts Hunt Day 3 Astronomy Tower


What ingredient do the stars spell out? Enter it on the Hogwarts Hunt page.


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