Seven Reasons Why Sirius Black Is the Best Godfather Ever

Sirius Black is far from perfect; he speaks before thinking, makes reckless decisions, and always finds time for mischief. However, the Marauder has a golden heart and a goblet full of love for his one and only godson, the Boy Who Lived. In honor of his 63rd birthday, here are seven reasons why we believe Sirius Black is the best godfather ever.


He is a good listener and a great advisor.


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As someone who has lived through different situations and learned from them, it is easy to say that Sirius’s life experiences make him a great listener and advisor. Although he himself needs counseling after a painful childhood and an even worse 12 years in Azkaban, he constantly listens to Harry’s problems, and at great risk to himself, he camps out outside Hogwarts simply to help Harry in his hour of need. Sirius also lets Harry rant and vent without interruption and provides helpful suggestions to the Boy Who Lived.


He is extremely devoted.



Sirius is recognized for his unwavering loyalty and love for his friends and Harry. He loves Harry, and his affection is generous. He was devoted to James, Lily, Remus, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Gryffindor, and the Order. He himself said that he would die for his friends, which is very much in character for him — well, he actually died while trying to protect Harry. Do we need to say anything more?


He is cool.


Sirius and Buckbeak


Sirius used to drive a flying motorcycle before becoming an official Buckbeak rider (which is also extremely cool). He’s charming, witty, classy, and a total star. If they’d had the opportunity to spend enough time together, Harry — who is inspired by him — would undoubtedly have picked up a few fashion tips. Let’s not forget that he is also one of the four makers of the Marauder’s Map. Do you have any doubt about his coolness now?


He is gentle and caring.


Sirius Black encourages Harry Potter


Sirius devotes a lot of effort to caring for Buckbeak, and anyone’s heart would melt seeing his love for a misunderstood creature. He also never shies away from complimenting people who truly deserve it, such as calling Hermione the brightest witch of her age in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban despite the fact that he didn’t have much time to stick around and chat. Even though he may have a more eccentric demeanor on the exterior, this misunderstood Gryffindor genuinely has a heart of gold.


He spoils Harry.


“It’s a FIrebolt”


We all wish for that one aunt or uncle who would love to spoil us. Thanks to Sirius, Harry has that and a lot more. Sirius knows just what Harry wants. His first broom (when Harry is just one year old)? Check. A Firebolt for the star of the Gryffindor Team with a broken Nimbus 2000? Check. A house to live in, even if it’s the old House of Black at 12 Grimmauld Place? Check. A loving and supportive family? Check, check, check! Sirius is ready to give it all.


He is a rebel.



Sirius is a rebel — Harry is also, and two is clearly better than one. Even though there would be trouble if they were together all the time, think how much fun the two Gryffindors would have. Sirius not only had his name removed from his family tapestry for befriending Muggles and defying customs, but he was also the first member in his whole family to be Sorted into Gryffindor and choose it. That’s not to mention that despite being a wanted criminal, he occasionally sneaks out in his Animagus form to meet Harry.


He loves Harry.



Sirius absolutely loves Harry with everything he has. For him, Harry is the most important person in the whole world, and Sirius wants to spend as much time as he can with him, giving Harry every joy that he couldn’t provide for 12 years. Sirius doesn’t only think about him for the brief time they are together — he constantly gives his all to be there for Harry. He loves him and supports him. We believe Sirius would have made an excellent dad if given the opportunity. He without a doubt is the best father figure Harry could have wished for, but time and life were not too kind to him.


What do you think about these reasons? Tell us why you think Sirius is the best godfather ever in the comments.


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