The Splintered Wand: Seattle’s Very Own Wizard Bar and Wand Shop

The Splintered Wand is the most popular watering hole for witches, wizards, and conjurers of the paranormal in Seattle, Washington. Comfortably situated in the historic Ballard neighborhood, this magical restaurant, bar, and wand shop provides an immersive experience for guests of all ages.

The restaurant menu offers a delicious variety of appetizers, soups, salads, shepherd pie-styled entrées, and refreshing desserts. Many of these rustic, hearty meals are blends of European, Mediterranean, and American dishes while also taking inspiration from Pacific Northwestern favorites. The Splintered Wand’s famed Tadpole in a Hole, meat pies, and Clinging Toffee Pudding are all popular or highly recommended dishes on this menu, according to reviews.


Two meat pies from The Splintered Wand

Source: OpenTable


Should you fancy a potion to quench your thirst, the Splintered Wand’s selections of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages are as delicious as they are visually pleasing. But some come with a small catch. Witches and wizards who order specialty cocktails are in for some mixing. These drinks are brought to the table disassembled, for lack of a better term. Guests can then pour, mix, and brew their creations, just like in a Potions class. But don’t worry about stirring up bad-tasting potions; you’ll get ingredients specific to your beverage of choice. 


Cocktails makers from The Splintered Wand.

Credit: Rachael Jones


No spell caster is complete without their wand at the ready. But if you don’t have one yet, the Splintered Wand has everything needed to remedy the situation. The wand shop, located on the second story of the restaurant, is open for guests to make their own customizable wands. Each one is handmade and is specially designed for its user based on their birthdays, personalities, and preferences – right down to the core. The process from start to finish takes about 30 minutes, and the wands cost $50 each.


The wand shop in The Splintered Wand.

Credit: Rachael Jones


The magical minds behind the Splintered Wand are “a brother and sister-in-law duo.” These dedicated restauranteurs are heavily invested in keeping the ambience of the eatery and wand shop as authentic as possible, from the details seen around the restaurant and bar to the ancient lore they use to develop wand styles. They even prefer to use their wizard and witch character names, Geoffrey Thaddeus Constantine Balch and Andrea Ravnholm, according to Seattle Refined.

Walk-ins for dinner are accepted, but it’s highly recommended you make a reservation ahead of time to ensure you get a table. Reservations can be booked on OpenTable. Guests are also encouraged to dress in their “finest magical garb” for their dining experience. No reservations are necessary if you’re just interested in the wand shop or cocktails from the bar.


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