Black Family Incorrect Quotes That Make Us Cackle – Part 1

You know, as serious and as trepidation-inducing as the members of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black may seem, they aren’t all that bad – in fact, they’re pretty normal deep, deep, deep down. Sure, they happen to be a family well-known for their immersion and expertise in Dark Magic, and fine, many of their family have been, in some way, shape, or form, enmeshed in some pretty sadistic and cruel things. And yes, they also happen to be filled with loads of bigots who believe and practice blood purity so religiously that it’s honestly ridiculous at this point, but beneath the mad exterior, they’re still a relatively normal family.

And like all normal families, they have their fair share of chaos. Unlike other families, though, they’re only probably an eighth normal and the rest is all mad depravity.

So since that image is stuck in your head already, might as well see some snippets of things that we can all see the Blacks getting up to.




Annoying Walburga is, indeed, a bonus – and a bloody brilliant one at that! Honestly, though, she may be an annoying banshee as a portrait (and probably during her living days too), but let’s give her a hand for having survived her two chaotic sons with her sanity somewhat intact.



… yes. Absolutely. If there’s one thing about the Malfoys – and the Blacks, honestly – that will always ring true, it’s that they’d spare no expense if they think it’s even somewhat worth it. Andromeda thinks the same, of course, but Teddy keeps pulling Metamorphmagus tantrums, so she’ll stick with the floor candy because she really doesn’t want him to pull the “pig’s nose for a week” stint again.






Ah, yes. Nothing is ever quite as interesting as the Black family dinner. Narcissa, pass the wine – we’ll need it once the clowns get drunk enough and start hexing each other. Or you know, until Bella, Sirius, and Regulus blow the place up.




Regulus and Sirius have a love-hate relationship. Also, Regulus is actually the more chaotic brother; he just happens to show more of his chaotic neutral side around people.

Well, that’s it for the Black family incorrect quotes. Tell us what sort of stupidity these mad lads probably did in the comments!

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