Department of Magical Transportation Incident Report: Dedalus Diggle’s Faulty Broomstick


To: The Head of the Department of Magical Transportation

Reason for Contact: I am writing to you concerning the dreaded Dedalus Diggle situation. Though his shooting stars were reported on the Muggle news, the rest of the proper measures have been taken; you need not worry. As outlined below, there are very straightforward steps to follow in order to prevent further incidents.


Broom Rider Details

Name: Dedalus Diggle

Occupation: Unknown

Floo Network Access Point: 59 Godinton Way, Ashford, Kent


Description of Incident

Location: Canterbury, Kent

Date: November 1, 1981

Time: 7:34 p.m.

Did Muggles Take Notice: Yes

Details: Mr. Diggle was on his way to a nearby party in celebration of the downfall of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named when his newly acquired Nimbus 1500 began to vibrate. While he was attempting to safely return to the ground, the bristles of his broomstick blasted out shooting stars. Subsequently, Mr. Diggle was forced to conjure up a trampoline; he then free-fell off of his stick. Afterward, he used a Summoning Charm as a way to retrieve his broom from the atmosphere; it is important to note that nearby Muggles did bear witness to this act, thus necessitating the assistance of the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad.

Cause: After speaking with a representative from the Nimbus Racing Broom Company, it appears as though there was an accident when the spells were applied to the broomstick; the wizard bewitching the broom must have applied the Star Shower Spell rather than the Braking Charm. As a result, when Mr. Diggle tried to slow his broomstick down in order to admire the view of Canterbury, shooting stars began to fall.

Follow-Up Recommendations: It is advisable to order a recall of all Nimbus 1500s from manufacturing group #147684 in case the other broomsticks had the Star Shower Spell applied to them as well.


Reported By

Name: Pamela Cooper

Department: Magical Transportation

Division: Broom Regulatory Control