UPDATED: “Harry Potter” Reboot Announced Alongside Max Streaming Service

A multi-season television reboot of the Harry Potter series has been announced alongside the new Max streaming service from Warner Bros. Discovery, with author J.K. Rowling as an executive producer. This news comes following reports from outlets such as Bloomberg that Warner Bros. Discovery was finalizing its plans for such a series.

The official Twitter account for HBO Max confirmed the news following the Warner Bros. Discovery press event.



Rowling additionally confirmed her involvement in the upcoming series as an executive producer on her official website. There, it was noted that each of the show’s seven seasons will correspond with its accompanying book from the Harry Potter series, as was speculated prior to the official announcement. Additionally, the show will feature an all-new cast and will be produced by Brontë Film and TV. Besides Rowling herself, Neil Blair and Ruth Kenley-Letts will be executive producers of the series.

The announcement about the Harry Potter television series was made at the end of the Warner Bros. Discovery event, where it was mentioned that the company plans to renew its focus on programming intended for children and families, rather than the more adult-focused content for which the HBO brand is known. The Wizarding World franchise was included in some of the descriptions from Warner Bros. Discovery executives during the event, suggesting that the reboot may not be the only original Wizarding World content that will be available on Max in the future.

Max will launch in the United States on May 23, and subscribers to HBO Max will be grandfathered into the new platform. Discovery+, also owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, will remain a separate service, but its content will be available to stream on Max. It is not yet clear when the first season of the Harry Potter reboot is expected to premiere or when Max will be introduced into markets outside the US.

Are you looking forward to the television reboot of the Harry Potter series?

UPDATE (April 13):

For those interested, the playback video of the Warner Bros. Discovery event is now available to watch. The announcement regarding the Harry Potter reboot comes at the time stamp 1:03:10.

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