“Hogwarts Mystery” Makes Immersion and Representation a Priority

As the popular mobile game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery celebrates its fifth anniversary, one of the developers is pausing to reflect. Studio GM Bryan Shaw sat down with Game Rant recently to discuss how the Hogwarts Mystery development team has made the game even more immersive and inclusive over the years.



Since its launch in 2018, Hogwarts Mystery has allowed fans to experience Hogwarts from their own perspective. Set years earlier than Harry’s first foray into the wizarding world, the game creates depth in previously unexplored characters and offers new thrilling and intriguing journeys. The ultimate effect, as Shaw describes, is an experience that immerses the player while allowing them to feel even more connected to the world of Harry Potter.

The game itself has unlocked a must-have experience for Potter fans. Working closely with our partners, we’ve created more access to the Wizarding World, where players can explore nostalgic locations, learn more about their favorite teachers, and even experience great loss at the hands of [D]ark wizards.

The immersive quality is only a part of the game’s appeal. The other half is a focus on representation. Players can, of course, customize and personalize their character to their heart’s content, allowing plenty of room for expression. Shaw commented on this as well, noting that it is an essential factor in the overall experience.

Representation matters and is a big part of what we feel is important in this Hogwarts experience. Personalization is a part of that as well. Players can create the witch or wizard they see as themselves and make meaningful story choices that culminate in the game being more accessible, no matter who you are.

The story choices Shaw references are certainly meaningful. One exciting aspect of Hogwarts Mystery is that players can take part in a variety of significant interactions and friendships with their peers. Some quests even give the character an opportunity to attend a school dance with another character of their choice. Potential romantic partners in this storyline are not limited by gender, creating a plot inclusive to gamers in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Shaw concluded his interview by hinting that there is more ahead for Hogwarts Mystery. We will have to stay tuned for further developments.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is available for download on Android and iOS.