Remembrall ’98: Draco Malfoy

Congratulations, Hogwarts Class of 1998!  Please reflect on your experience at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by answering some questions about your time at this esteemed institution.

Draco Lucius Malfoy

Favorite Memory:
Making Slytherin’s Quidditch team as a second year was a highlight.

Favorite Class:
My favorite class was Potions, by far.

Least Favorite Class:
My least favorite class was probably Care of Magical Creatures, which could have been better with a different professor.

Favorite Teacher:
The best professor at Hogwarts is Professor Snape, though having him around all the time was a bit of a pain.

Least Favorite Teacher:
My least favorite professor was Hagrid; how that oaf landed a teaching job is beyond me.

Who is a classmate you wish you had gotten to know more during your time at Hogwarts?
Hermione Granger – not that I’d want to be friends, but we have similar ambitions.

What were your go-to snacks?
Anything my mum owled to me – she orders the best pastries!

What advice would you give to first years?
Lie low and avoid drawing too much attention to yourself – earn your spot in the limelight.

What Hogwarts professor do you wish were head of your House?
I’ll never admit I said this, but Professor McGonagall. She reminds me a lot of my mum.

What would you change about your time at Hogwarts?
I wish I would have spent a bit more time on my classwork, rather than focusing on Potter and his gang.

What was the most surprising thing you learned about yourself during your time at Hogwarts?
I can be more than the Malfoy legacy.

Maria Matsakis

As a Gryffindor, a Potterhead, and a fan of MuggleNet, I am so excited to be a part of the team! Thank you to the viewers who make this website a joy to be a part of. Here's to a new age of wizards and witches- until the very end!