Song Parody: Hallway in My Mind

To the tune of “Windmills of Your Mind” sung by Noel Harrison; original version by Michel Legrand.

Past the flickering of torches
On the walls of roughened stone
Down a dark and empty hallway
To a door that stands alone
This cold, black, imposing portal
I don’t know what things it hides
Yet in dreams I’ve had this past year
For its opening I have tried
‘Cause there’s something that’s behind it
Keeps on calling to my soul
And I worry that my sleepless
Nights will surely take their toll

Don’t know why I’m so inclined
To the hallway in my mind

Where the entrance hall keeps spinning
Like some strange confusing game
Among rows on rows of shelving
There’s an orb that holds my name
In an ancient amphitheater
Where the daylight never goes
In an archway hangs a curtain
That will open at the close
There’s a bird continually hatching
Floating in a glassy case
And a room that’s full of planets
Whirling silently in space

All these mysteries I find
Down the hallway in my mind

Neville somehow is still standing
Though he couldn’t save the sphere
But the cavalry emerges
As the fragments disappear
Somewhere Luna’s been discarded
Like a thing of little worth
Pluto’s model has been blasted
Knocking Ginny down to earth
And Hermione has been sunken
By a gash of purple flame
Meanwhile, Ron is lying, drunken
Wracked by tendrils of a brain
Why was Sirius lost so quickly?
I still can’t believe he’s gone
But he’s fallen through the curtain
Where the whispers draw me on

Past the flickering of anger
In my heart of roughened stone
Lies a short and empty future
Must I tread this path alone?

In these feelings I’m entwined
Wish that I had remained blind
To the hallway in my mind


Submitted by: AbsentMindedRaven


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