“The Hogwarts Hearsay”: Recreational Recommendations

Hello, fellow witches and wizards. Welcome back to another installment of the Hogwarts Hearsay, a recently instituted school newspaper where I, Sherri O’Malley, will keep everyone up to date on all that is happening throughout our corridors, dungeons, and towers. For today’s edition, I will be discussing the recreational activities provided to us at Hogwarts, as many of you have requested as such. So grab a quill as well as some parchment and we will get started.



Now, I know that many of you are already aware that Hogwarts has four House Quidditch teams, but I felt as though this would be the most fitting way to start. From the merciless Bludgers to the elusive Snitch, Quidditch is certainly the most invigorating activity on this list. While I will not get into the finite details of the game, for again, many of you already know quite a bit about it, I will note that the school’s teams are selective. With only seven positions per team, the tryouts do get pretty cutthroat, so make sure you are up for the challenge if you do opt for a spot. If not, you could always be a spectator, which allows you to enjoy the game, without the danger of being injured.


Outing Club

Guided by Professor Hagrid, students of the Outing Club are granted the opportunity to explore the grounds of Hogwarts. With deep sea excursions into the Great Lake as well as hikes through the Forbidden Forest, many are drawn to this organization because of its adventurous nature. Do be aware that you may run into some unfriendly creatures, including gigantic trapdoor spiders; I think just their presence would leave anyone crying for their mother. 



As a dueling champion himself, Professor Flitwick has been so kind as to offer up lessons to all those who are interested. While the harming of another is strictly prohibited, this club does come close to mimicking real battles. Each week, students are taught a new spell that could be used in defensive strategy. Afterward, the group is split up into pairs so that duels may commence. Be careful of the crossfire though, as several students have been unexpectedly hit while walking through the room. 


Society for the Protection of Elfish Welfare (SPEW)

Created by Minister for Magic Hermione Granger back when she was in school, SPEW has expanded as a club. Though the advocation of elf rights continues to be important, the group has additionally taken on the role of striving to solve other social justice issues. From combatting species-related prejudices to dismantling the blood-status hierarchy, SPEW is a highly involved group.


The Slug Club

While the Slug Club was once discriminatorily selective, the group has rebranded as a more accepting organization. With the purpose of bringing people together, the Slug Club hosts a weekly dinner and social hour where students can get to know each other. I would recommend attending at least one meeting as a first year, for this would be a quick and easy way to make friends. 


Alas, folks, my list comes to an end. As always, be sure to let me know your thoughts, and contact me with any future article ideas. Remember to stay involved with the Hogwarts clubs!


Signing off, 

Sherri O’Malley