“The Hogwarts Hearsay”: House Aesthetics

Hello, fellow witches and wizards! Welcome to the Hogwarts Hearsay, a multi-installment school newspaper where I, Sherri O’Malley, will be filling everyone in on the hot gossip that flows through our corridors. For the first edition, I will be matching an aesthetic to each House; these selections will be purely based on clothing trends I have noticed among groups of students and the general vibe they give off.

Gryffindor – Grunge

Though this took some deliberation, I feel like I made the right decision in assigning Gryffindor the grunge aesthetic. I mean, I think we’ve all seen their Dr. Martens and flannel shirt combos. And do not get me started on their baggy, ripped jeans; they just do not fit the way pants should. I will say, I am a fan of their jackets and have attempted to pull off a leather coat at least once or twice. All in all, Gryffindors can be seen in loose, androgynous clothing that tends to be darker toned, and they just exude a relaxed yet tough energy; thus they match the grunge style.


Hufflepuff – Cottagecore

Do I really even need to expand upon this? The flowery prints, airy blouses, and pastel colors make the Hufflepuffs look like they just stepped out of a fairy tale. Also, can we talk about the dresses?!? I would consider myself a midi dress connoisseur, but I have no clue where they find such wonderful garments. I am going to have to figure it out because Delfina Crimp’s shop is not cutting it anymore. With that and their starry-eyed, whimsical personalities, they, of course, have been assigned the cottagecore aesthetic.


Ravenclaw – Light Academia

Again, this one is pretty straightforward. Ravenclaws are always seen out and about in their cream-colored sweater-vests regardless of the temperature. At this point, I am beginning to think they have discovered their own non-sweating charm because how can they wear such heavy material in the middle of a heat wave? Either way, they make sure to always look studious, which perfectly matches their vibe, therefore establishing themselves as members of the light academia-style club.


Slytherin – Dark Academia

Not to be confused with light academia, the dark academia aesthetic is really just traditionally academic with a gothic edge. With the Slytherins, it appears as though they never really wear anything except their school uniforms, though, of course, they add their own little touches. For instance, I swear every student in this House wears at least seven rings a day and owns a least one pair of glasses they really do not need. In addition to their clever yet arrogant personalities, the Slytherins have certainly embodied the dark academia aesthetic with their clothing choices.


There you are, folks. I am an aesthetic expert, am I not? Actually, don’t answer that. Anyway, if you have any gossip topics you would like me to cover, you can reach me via owl. I will say, please keep the Hogwarts Hearsay on the down-low since Headmistress McGonagall may not know about this little newspaper I have put together.


Signing off,

Sherri O’Malley