Galentine’s Day Party Planning Suggestions by Luna Lovegood

To me, friendship is like a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans – it’s full of surprises and sweet moments working together to create magical bonds woven through time. To help you celebrate the wonder and joy of Galentine’s Day this season, I have dreamt up a list of essentials, ideas, and bubbly wonders to incorporate into your Galentine’s Day party. May your friendship ever prosper and the Wrackspurts stay clear of your ears.


Activities & Adventures

Plan to captivate your guests and nurture your friendships by including activities and adventures.

  • Friendship Bracelets: Unfurl enchantments for your friends with whimsical weaving and beading wonders by creating a friendship bracelet station. Ensure you include a dreamy selection of strings and kaleidoscopic bead colors.
  • Chocolate Frog Hunt: Create an exciting Chocolate Frog hunt by hiding them whimsically throughout the room. Place them under poofs and pillows, behind decorations, or even in unexpected spots. To add to the adventure, adhere fun facts about friendship to the boxes of each frog. May I suggest hiding one behind the drapes or even placing charms on a few?


Chocolate Frog box

Flavorful Frolics

Before attaching your invites to your owl, consider creating frolicking flavors from the heart.

  • Heart Cookies: Gather your friends and bake delightfully decadent heart-shaped cookies. Consider providing an array of dreamy and shimmering icings, frostings, and sprinkles for all your decorating pleasure. Remember – it’s not about perfection when decorating your cookies – just friendships and the beauty they hold. 
  • Tea and Coffee: Pair your made-from-the-heart, heart-shaped cookies with a cozy cup of tea or coffee. Offer your hand and wand at creating heart-shaped foam with steamed milk for an extra touch of friendship magic. 



Delightful Decor

When planning the decorations for your ever-so-festive Galentine’s Day party, consider adding elements of magic, inviting colors, and ethereal vibes.

  • Pastel Comfort: Make use of fluffy pillows, couches, poofs and blankets in a coordinating, soft and inviting color scheme. 
  • Floating Cloudy Decor: Create enchanted pastel clouds to dance and float on the ceiling, establishing an ethereal atmosphere for heartfelt conversations. 
  • Fragrant Florals: Don’t forget fresh flowers – just watch out for the Nargles. Sometimes I think Nargles are attracted to natural beauty and take to hiding in things like flowers as a result. 


Finally, when planning your Galentine’s Day party, remember that the most pertinent element is not perfection – it’s the love and light of friendship. 

Wishing you all the best this Galentine’s Day and always, 


Brooke Schmitz

The magic of the Wizarding World enchanted me at an early age. Since then I have read the books more times than I can count. I love to inspire and connect with others through the Wizarding World.