“Hogwarts Legacy” Celebrates Anniversary with Stats and Bloopers

If you’ve, well, been paying attention at all, you know that Hogwarts Legacy, the chart-topping, immersive RPG, is out and available for play on multiple platforms. What may actually come as a surprise is that it has already been a year since the game was first released. Time, like a broomstick, sure does fly. Hogwarts Legacy recently shared some fun information and content to celebrate its first anniversary.



The game tweeted some particularly interesting stats to round out a year of gameplay. Its official account reported a breakdown of Sortings, in which Slytherin came out on top with 30% of the student body. This perhaps explains the whopping 877 million potions made since the initial release. Oliver Wood would be pleased with the report, as it shows that players spent a grand total of 51 million hours on a broomstick. And many fans appeared to be channeling a certain Weasley, to the detriment of Hogwarts’s eight-legged community. Hogwarts Legacy calculated that 5.3 billion spiders were exterminated over the past year.

Hogwarts Legacy also released a developer blooper reel on February 8, which seemed to truly capture the fortifying moments of hilarity in what was likely a long and intense creative process. From unlikely acrobatics and jump-scare faces to inconvenient moments of the Body-Bind Curse, the short reel is the perfect alternative to a Cheering Charm.

Before watching, please be aware that the video contains both spoilers and old in-development footage.



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