Licensing Now Available Worldwide for “Cursed Child” School Edition

Since it premiered in London in 2016, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has delighted fans with its magical, time-bending storytelling. This year, the play was fitted to smaller stages via its high school edition, with Riverside School in London and Hoboken High in New Jersey being chosen as the first to perform the new show, followed by another 29 US schools chosen as the first to perform it in their states. Now, the enchantment could be coming to an auditorium even nearer to you in the fall of 2024.



Broadway Licensing Global (BLG) along with Sonia Friedman Productions, Colin Callender, and Harry Potter Theatrical Productions, announced on May 1 that the licensing for the school edition of Cursed Child is now available worldwide. According to Ted Chapin, the interim CEO of BLG, this development was a long time coming.

From the beginning of this partnership with the ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ team, our intention was to put educational theatre programs first, which meant creating a version of the show that is manageable for schools of all sizes, budgets, and technical capabilities – and is still fun to produce. 

They did this by adapting the script in a few meaningful but unobtrusive ways. The result is a shorter runtime, between 91 and 120 minutes, and staging directions that are more accessible to a school’s production team. A perusal script is available to purchase for those interested in reviewing the changes before applying for a license.

In addition to that license, participating schools will also receive an official production package beginning this summer. It will contain everything the school will need to bring the magic to their stage, including scripts, music, and a media kit.

Interested parties can visit the Cursed Child Licensure webpage for more details.