“Cursed Child” North American Tour Announces Cast

The closer we get to opening day, the more excited we are to learn more about the magic that is about to sweep the continent. The North American tour of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will kick off in Chicago in September, and now we know exactly whom we’ll get to see on stage.

Perusing the cast list, you’ll notice a few familiar names, including John Skelley and Trish Lindstrom, who are slated to play Harry Potter and Ginny Potter. Both have taken on these roles previously, with Skelley most recently having performed on the San Francisco stage and Lindstrom in the Toronto production. Emmet Smith, however, will be taking to the Cursed Child stage for the first time as Albus Potter.



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Matt Mueller will be reprising his role from Broadway as Ron Weasley, while Ebony Blake, who was formerly part of the ensemble cast, will star as Hermione Granger. Their on-stage daughter, Rose Granger-Weasley, will be played by Naiya Vanessa McCalla. Ben Thys and Aidan Close will join the tour as Draco and Scorpius Malfoy, respectively. The role of Delphi Diggory has gone to Julia Nightingale.

Rounding out the production nicely is the ensemble cast, including Kaleb Alexander, Julianna Austin, Markcus Blair, Casey Butler, Erin Chupinsky, Reese Sebastian Diaz, David Fine, Simon Gagnon, Alexis Gordon, Caleb Hafen, Lauryn Hayes, Nathan Hosner, Torsten Johnson, Katherine Leask, Markelle Leigh, Mackenzie Lesser-Roy, Evan Maltby, Zach Norton, Travis Patton, Maren Searle, Ayla Stackhouse, Jennifer Thiessen, Timmy Thompson, René Thornton Jr., Kristin Yancy, and Larry Yando.

Previews of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child are set to begin on September 10 in the James M. Nederlander Theatre, with the official opening falling on Thursday, September 26. Saturday, February 1, 2025, will be your last chance to see the play in Chicago before the tour moves on to Los Angeles and then Washington, D.C. Tickets are on sale now.