Matthew Lewis to Star in “Touché”

Matthew Lewis hasn’t been short on projects since his Hogwarts days. The beloved Harry Potter alumnus was cast this past year in the second season of BBC’s comedy-drama Avoidance, and in light of more recent news, it seems he’s taken a liking to the genre.

Lewis will be starring in Touché, a UK indie dramedy feature, which is set to begin shooting later this summer. The film will be set in the fierce and competitive world of fencing and will explore themes of diversity and female empowerment within the sport.

Touché is a co-production between Pinder Productions and Raspberry Films, the companies of Lewis’s costars in the film, Parvinder Shergill and Kayleigh-Paige Rees, respectively. Both have already had feature debuts, with Shergill appearing in Anonymous in 2021 and Rees in 2018’s Dirty Work.



The plot of Touché follows Deep, played by Shergill, a British South Asian woman who finds identity outside of her struggles in the rigor and precision of fencing. Kate, played by Rees, is a fencing champion in a club that is unable, or unwilling, to accept the sport’s newcomer. Throw in Lewis’s character, Tom, a friend of Deep’s with a dark family secret, and you have all the components for one captivating story.

There are still quite a few unknowns, including the release date, writer, and director, but we will certainly stay tuned for any updates.