“From the Wizarding Archive” Announced, Featuring Freshly Curated Wizarding World Content

A new project has been announced today by Pottermore Publishing: From the Wizarding Archive. Set to be released in e-book and audiobook formats this August, it will contain a curated collection of J.K. Rowling’s writings, articles, and anecdotes about the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

The book will contain 80 articles that shed light on character backstories and provide context for other wizarding world stories. These were written by Rowling originally for Pottermore, which then became WizardingWorld.com

Each article will be linked together by “fresh editorial observations” by the Pottermore Publishing team, with a foreword by Harry Potter’s own Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood).



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Set to be released in English on August 29, 2024, the e-book will be published as two volumes. The first volume will include 45 articles “curated together for the first time,” while the second will contain 35 that were published in the Pottermore Presents e-books in 2016. There will also be the option to purchase both e-book volumes together in a combined edition. 

The audiobook will be released in English on the same day as a single volume, and it will be narrated by Evanna Lynch, Hugh Quarshie, Finlay Robertson, and Lara Sawalha. The narration will be accompanied by sound design and original music composed by Sara Carvalho. It will be available exclusively on Audible, and this will be the first time this content has been made available in audio form.


Cover of “From the Wizarding Archive”


The German, French, Italian, and Spanish e-books and audiobooks are due to be published in November, and other languages are also expected to be available in due course.

Pottermore Publishing will be donating all author royalties (this is expected to be a minimum of £1 [$1.28] for each copy sold, or the local currency equivalent) to the Lumos Foundation.

Pottermore launched in 2012, relaunched in 2015 with a new website and content, and then became Wizarding World Digital, or WizardingWorld.com, in 2019, which combined the works of Pottermore and Warner Bros. to create a huge digital collection of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts material.

The English-language versions of From the Wizarding Archive are available to preorder now in both e-book and audiobook formats. 

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