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JKR Tour Update: Now with Robert Galbraith!

Earlier this morning, MuggleNet exclusively broke the news of a 2016 world signing tour for J.K. Rowling. Now it has been revealed that she will have company – none other than reclusive British author Robert Galbraith! The event will now be a double-billing, unforgettable opportunity to meet both authors, back-to-back.

20-Year-Old Letter Discovered Between Rowling and Supposed Minister of Magic, Wizarding World Is Real?

The Guardian is reporting that an unnamed source has supposedly discovered a twenty-year-old letter between Rowling and a man named Charles Furch. Does the latter name sound familiar? That shouldn’t be surprising, considering in this uncovered correspondence, Mr. Furch signs his name and position – Minister for Magic.

Dame Maggie Smith Cast as Twelfth Doctor

Amid internet rumors that Matt Smith will be leaving Doctor Who after this season, speculation has begun about who will next fill the Time Lord’s shoes. Sources from all around the internet are confirming that the 12th Doctor will be none other than – Dame Maggie Smith!

EA Games Announces “The Casual Vacancy: Welcome to Pagford” Game

You’ve read the book, prepared for the television show, and soon you will be able to play the game! EA Games, makers of various video games including those inspired by the Harry Potter films, has announced that a game, titled The Casual Vacancy: Welcome to Pagford will be released around the same time as the BBC mini-series, sometime in 2014.