Category: Song Parodies

Sailing (To Hogwarts)

In this song parody to the tune of “Sailing” by Gavin Sutherland, the narrator yearns to return to Hogwarts.

I Will Wait for Them

This song parody, to the tune of “I Will Wait for You” by Michel LeGrand, describes Harry longing for the Weasleys to rescue him from the Dursleys.


This song parody to the tune of “Feelings” by Morris Albert describes how the ceilings of the Ravenclaw common room make the author feel dizzy, but the ceilings in the Hufflepuff common room don’t bother them.


Sung from the perspective of Harry Potter and to the tune of “Lady” by Kenny Rogers, this song parody describes his love for the Weasley family.

The Malfoy Family

The Malfoy family is the subject of this parody of the theme song to “The Addams Family”.