Hogwarts Legacy

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Live the Unwritten…

Experience life as a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry like never before, as they live the unwritten and embark on a dangerous journey to uncover a hidden truth of the wizarding world.

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with immersive magic, putting players at the center of their adventure to become the witch or wizard they choose to be. They will grow their character’s abilities as they master powerful spells, hone combat skills and select companions to help them face off against deadly enemies.

It was announced that Hogwarts Legacy will be delayed until 2022 in order to provide the best experience possible for the Wizarding World and gaming fans alike.

Warner Bros. announced Hogwarts Legacy in September 2020 following footage that was leaked in 2018.



  • Acromantula
  • Dementors
  • Dragon
  • Graphorn
  • Inferi
  • Mooncalves
  • Troll